Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 507

Chapter 507: He Is Not A Possibility For You 1
Chapter 507: He Is Not a Possibility for You (1)
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Goodbye Is that our final goodbye?

Is this really it? This is the end of our road we cannot even be friends anymore?

When Qin Yinan told her that he had fallen in love with Tang Nuan, her heart wrenched with pain, but unlike then, on top of that pain, there was a sense of panicked urgency in it.

Her instincts kicked in, and she called his name, stopping him from leaving, "Su Zhinian!"

The man stopped, stood by an empty table, and looked over his shoulder.

There was such a lack of emotion in his eyes that she felt her courage flagging. She swallowed several times before she could raise her voice to ask, "Are are you rejecting me because of that girl Tingting?"

Su Zhinian nodded. "Yes."

His lack of hesitation sent another spike to pierce through her heart. Song Qingchun knew she had started to mumble because of heartache, but she couldn't stop herself. "But but didn't you say she will never be together with you? You you"

Before she could finish, the man cut her off. "So what?"

The two airy words stumped Song Qingchun. Her lips were open, but she didn't know what to say.

Indeed, so what? So what if Tingting cannot be with him? It does not mean that he has to accept my love so, what should I do now?

Su Zhinian noticed she had gone quiet, so he started to move away again. When he walked past her, Song Qingchun reached out to grab his sleeve using courage that she didn't know she had. "Su Zhinian I can wait"

Song Qingchun slowly turned around to look into Su Zhinian's eyes. "I can wait until you need to find someone to spend the rest of your life with"

The physical contact helped him understand the authenticity of her offer and the fear clouding her heart. He avoided her gaze, and after a slight daze, he uttered in a tone completely devoid of warmth, "Thank you, but I really don't need you to wait for me."

Before the other half of Song Qingchun's sentence when that happens, can you please consider me first? could leave her lips, she was once more cruelly rejected. This time, she really did not know what she could say to make him change his mind.

She bit her lower lip hard as she looked at him. However, her eyes started to get so misty that the man had become nothing more than a blur in her eyes.

Su Zhinian raised his hand to put on Song Qingchun's wrist. She knew he was going to pull her hand away. Her heart was in a complete panic. She held onto his sleeve like it was her last saving grace and asked, "Then can we still be friends?"

He had rejected her so cleanly and cruelly, but she still could not bear to be strangers with him. When she asked that question, Song Qingchun only recognized how frivolous a person's honor was when they were at their lowest.

In dramas and stories, those who got hurt the deepest were oftentimes those who loved the most. Like a moth knocking incessantly against the flickering light, they would not give up because they had too much to lose.

Su Zhinian's silence started to make Song Qingchun mumble, "We can pretend that tonight never happen; you can pretend that I have never said anything; we can go back to how we once were as friends and nothing more"