Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 508

Chapter 508: He Is Not A Possibility For You 2
Chapter 508: He Is Not a Possibility for You (2)
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"Yes, just normal friends, normal friends" Song Qingchun seemed to be clinging on to the only ray of light in a world of darkness, and she repeated it multiple times before turning to ask Su Zhinian with anticipation and pleading, "Okay?"

"What do you think?" The words that came out of Su Zhinian's mouth were exceptionally calm. Just four words, they were delivered without hatred or passion, but they still made Song Qingchun bite her lower lip harder until she could taste blood in her mouth.

Through her hand on his shirt, Su Zhinian could read the sadness in her heart, but he forced himself to continue. "You know I have always been averse to female attention and pursuers, and you have also seen how I've rejected them so please don't make this harder on both of us than it already is."

Song Qingchun's hand that was pulling on Su Zhinian's sleeve became weaker and weaker, and her eyes that looked at him started to waver as she slowly lowered her head.

Yes, she did know that. When they were in high school, she had personally witnessed how he rejected the love confessions of the high school girls. At the time, she had even pitied those girls who were publicly shamed by his rejection. Who would have thought she would one day end up as one of those girls?

After a pause, Su Zhinian glanced at Song Qingchun's hand, which had not completely let go of his sleeve, before he steeled his heart to completely break hers. "I can continue to be your friend, but that is only if you don't have any feelings toward me, so please do not appear in my life ever again."

He could feel her body shudder, but his heart did not soften as he continued. "Because the thing I hate most in the world is a clingy girl, so please don't make me hate you, understand?"

Song Qingchun's blanched face had fallen completely, and a large tear fell on the back of Su Zhinian's hand before she rapidly pulled her hand away.

As she did so, he moved away from her and left in a hurry.

She heard his footsteps get lighter as he moved away. Then she heard the waitress tell him politely, "Come again, sir."

She heard the entrance was pulled open and closed. Then she could hear nothing from him anymore.

She sat frozen in her seat for a long time before she collapsed on the table and started to wail like her world had crumbled.

The waitresses in the restaurant heard her ear-splitting wails, and they looked at each other in panic, but no one came forth to comfort her.

The singer gripped the microphone in her hands with her eyes closed and was completely immersed in her song.

"Love made us sillier than when we were single;

"It also made us more complete than ever.

"We fall deeper into it without asking much;

"If not for that kiss, that year would have been much colder."

That only made Song Qingchun wail even harder. If not for that night, would there have been so much history between them?

"Trust became some sort of special ability;

"Affinity is only a self-deluding innocence.

"Night always makes us miss someone even more,

"Especially his addicting eyes."

He said, he hates clingy girls the most. Does that mean I will have to spend the rest of my life missing him?

"It's so rare that you can meet the right person;

"It's rare that you're serious and give it your best shot without much thought.

"It's rare that you fell in love with the right person,

"But regretfully, he's not a possibility."