Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 51

Chapter 51: The Person Hiding In My Memory 1
Chapter 51: The Person Hiding in My Memory (1)
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Su Zhinian's face belied none of the fury that was burning within him. He glared at Song Qingchun and asked, "Song Qingchun, do you know why I slept with you five years ago?"

The mention of the incident that happened five years ago made Song Qingchun go pale. She stared quietly at Su Zhinian. Her lips moved slightly but no words came out.

"It was only because I was so blinded by alcohol and intoxicated beyond reason that I could bring myself to take you!"

Su Zhinian leaned in toward Song Qingchun's ear as his grip on her chin tightened. His voice was gentle as his hot breaths licked her ears, causing her whole body to shiver. "If I was not so blind drunk that night, I would not have been able to lay even a finger on you!"

Song Qingchun felt assaulted physically, and her face was completely drained of blood. Her lashes shivered greatly, and her dark eyes showed signs of misting over.

"It is the same tonight. If not for the fact that you actively collapsed into my arms, do you really think I would want you?" Su Zhinian hissed out his words one by one. Then he saw the tears that were threatening to fall out of the girl's eyes but ultimately did not.

There was a slight change in Su Zhinian's eyes and a great annoyance surged through his heart. He stared at Song Qingchun, bit on his lips, and suddenly pushed Song Qingchun off him. Then, he stood up with a cold expression and stormed upstairs.

Song Qingchun stayed downstairs for a long time before standing up to clear away the mess and moving upstairs.

After returning to bedroom, she did not go straight into the shower but sat down before her make-up table. She took a pen to stroke out another date on the table calendar and whispered silently, as if to console herself, "Three days have passed, 97 more days and I can leave this place. So, Song Qingchun, don't be sad, even if you have to see him every day and get insulted and yelled at every time, at most, it will only be another 97 times"

Suddenly, Song Qingchun heard the door next to her bedroom be roughly pulled open. She clammed up in fear and stared guardedly at her own bedroom door. Song Qingchun waited with her heart in her throat, but the door did not open. Instead, she heard the sound of a car engine starting.

She stood up to walk to the window. She saw Su Zhinian's car zip out of the house with incredible speed.

For a few consecutive days after that, Su Zhinian did not show up at the bungalow. Song Qingchun and he became like two boats in the night, passing each other in the dark.

Su Zhinian's anger-filled exit worried Song Qingchun for quite a period of time, worried that he might renege on the contract.

However, that worry did not last long because she soon heard from Fang Rou that Su Zhinian had gone to Song Empire, and after a 30-minute tour of the company, gave a long list of names to the HR manager, ending it with "Fire all of them, and that includes you," before leaving the company.

The names on Su Zhinian's list were mostly seniors at the company. They were naturally unsatisfied and came to Song Menghwa and Song Qingchun to complain and plead their case.

However, one does not doubt the person that one hires. Since they had given Su Zhinian Song Empire to manage, Song Qingchun chose to respect his decision and approve the mass firing.

Song Menghwa could not withstand the shock and pressure from Song Cheng's suicide and had landed himself in the hospital. Song Qingchun had applied for a three-month holiday from her company to look after him.