Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 510

Chapter 510: He Is Not A Possibility For You 4
Chapter 510: He Is Not a Possibility for You (4)
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Her love was that thing he yearned for the most and the thing he was most afraid of. When he started having those nightmares, he wanted to use the opportunity to part way from her. At the time, he ordered Cheng Qingchong to do those three things not only because he was afraid no one would look after her after he was gone, but also, he wanted for them to return to being strangers.

However, he underestimated his attraction toward her, and he overestimated his resistance against her attraction.

The first step led them down a slippery slope to this point of no return. Other than cutting her loose, there was no other option available to him. The secret he discovered five years ago had destined that he could never promise her anything she could never be a possibility for him.

The bloody tears that sipped through his fingers grew in intensity until his shoulders started to shake.

Tingting, do you know?

When I said that I do not love you and will never learn to love you in the future, that was a lie because I have never stopped loving you.

When I said that I do not need you to wait for me, that was also a lie because no matter what happens in the future, I will always be your side.

When I said that I do not want you to appear in my life anymore, that was a lie because you were too good for me, so good that I am afraid, afraid that if this is allowed to carry on any further, I might be unable to control the desire in my heart and drag you into an abyss of sin with me.

Qin Yinan was sleeping when his phone rang. He was used to having all the lights off in the room when he was sleeping, so his room was pitch black. He opened his eyes and stared at the darkened ceiling for a moment before realizing it was really his phone that was ringing.

His hands reached for the phone, and the glare from it made his eyes squint. Through the glare, he managed to catch two words, 'Su Zhinian', on the display.

Why is he calling me at 1 am?

Qin Yinan pulled himself up in bed before answering the phone. "CEO Su."

"Mr. Qin" Su Zhinian's light voice drifted through the phone. Qin Yinan could even hear the whipping winds of Beijing at night in the background. "I'm so sorry for disturbing you, but if you're free now, please come to the 24-hour restaurant near Zhong Xin Road's cinema to fetch Song Qingchun."

"Song Song?" Qin Yinan asked in confusion. "What's wrong with Song Song?"

"You'll know when you come." Su Zhinian was obviously not in the mood to chat because he hung up after saying what he needed to.

You'll know when you come

These few words caused Qin Yinan to worry. He did not even change out of his pajamas before he shrugged on a jacket, grabbed his keys, and left his house.

Beijing streets at night were as empty as could be. With his foot on the pedal, Qin Yinan raced to Zhong Xin Road. He soon saw the 24-hour restaurant that Su Zhinian had mentioned on the phone.

Qin Yinan parked his car randomly by the roadside before he jumped out of his car and dashed into the building.

Qin Yinan ignored the waitress' greeting and dashed into the dining area. With his breath coming fast, he scanned the dining area speedily before his gaze finally settled on Song Qingchun, who occupied a table by the window.