Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 513

Chapter 513: He Is Not A Possibility For You 7
Chapter 513: He Is Not a Possibility for You (7)
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"Su Su Zhinian"

Another 'Su Zhinian' filtered through door and her tears.

Qin Yinan suddenly felt a part of his heart break; the pain knocked the breath out of him completely.

Was there a more painful experience in the world than regret?

When he was hospitalized, he should not have opened Pandora's box, but he did. After he found out about all the wrongs that he had accidentally done by her throughout the years, he desperately wanted to compensate, to make amends, but at that time, he realized the girl no longer needed his compensation or amends.

The girl who traded poems with him was his first real love; it was the most beautiful dream he had ever been a part of. But at the end of day, no matter how beautiful it was, it was ultimately just a dream.

He still wanted to live in that wonderful dream, but the girl had moved on, taking the colors of the dream with her, forcing him to come face to face with the cruel reality.

So, what should he do now?

He knew the answer perfectly well, because he had answered that question a long time ago in a poem when he was still a teen.

"May you hold my hand in love and companionship, but may good fortune hold yours in parting and solitude."

He mouthed this promise that he had made several years ago soundlessly before slowly leaning against the wooden door. As the sound of crying continued to drift into his ears, a heavy shade of pain floated across his eyes.

It was not only Su Zhinian who stared at Qin Yinan as he hugged Song Qingchun into his car. The other spectator was Tang Nuan, who had not contacted Qin Yinan for the past four months.

She spotted Qin Yinan's car flash by her on her way home.

Actually, over the past few months, it was untrue that she had not met Qin Yinan at social events. However, since he had shown no signs of wanting to apologize to her, she also ignored him.

Perhaps due to the alcohol in her acting up, as she stared at his passing car that drifted away through the rear-view mirror, for a reason that she couldn't explain to herself, she made a sharp U-turn and gave chase after Qin Yinan's car.

She saw him park beside a restaurant, and through the bright window, she followed him as he walked to stand beside a table. After a long time, she saw him pull the person collapsed on top of table up and helped her lovingly, gently wiping away her tears.

Even though the woman was facing away from her and she could not get a clear view, from the way she was dressed and her back, she recognized the woman as the hated Song Qingchun with just one glance.

Qin Yinan lowered his head to whisper something to Song Qingchun. Even though Tang Nuan could not get a good look of Qin Yinan's face, from the pose and manner she was most familiar with, she knew he must have been comforting her to the best of his ability. After all, she had faked many tantrums throughout the years they had been together to make him comfort her.

He held her shoulders as they walked out of the restaurant. Similar to what happened before at MIX, he pulled the door open for her, helped her with the seatbelt, and passed her a bottle of water, which he had fetched from the trunk. Qin Yinan's attention and kindness toward Song Qingchun were overflowing in these actions.

Once upon a time, it was Song Qingchun who had stood watching as he did all those things for Tang Nuan, but things had changed, and she found herself in the spectator seat.

When Qin Yinan started his car engine and drove away, something compelled Tang Nuan to tail his car.

She did not expect that Qin Yinan would take Song Qingchun to his home.

A great wave of anger and jealousy swallowed her up like a tsunami.