Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 514

Chapter 514: He Is Not A Possibility For You 8
Chapter 514: He Is Not a Possibility for You (8)
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When they were in high school, it was due to Song Qingchun that she had been slapped in the face by Su Zhinian, who she adored.

It was because of that she decided to steal Song Qingchun's crush from right under her nose. Through the years, she had made use of Qin Yinan to beat Song Qingchun, to make her feel better about herself but now, even Qin Yinan, who she thought she already had wrapped around her finger, had started to drift away from her and started to circle around Song Qingchun!

Tang Nuan's knuckles that gripped the steering wheel were white. Staring at the light in Qin Yinan's room, her eyes flashed with animosity and venom.

The vehemence of Su Zhinian's rejection deterred Song Qingchun from looking for him. That night, he told her to stop appearing in his sight and that was what she did.

After she loosened her grip on his sleeve that night and he left without turning back, he had not seen her again.

Yes, he had not seen her again, but she could still see him every day.

The business news on the television and newspapers would report on Su Zhinian or Su Zhinian's company often, and his picture or video would appear alongside the report.

In front of the camera, he was still the same, hard to get close to and completely devoid of emotion. During the rare occasions when he agreed to be interviewed, his answers were brief and to the point.

Even though they had not met since that night, she believed he was surviving just fine. His company had purchased a family business with decades of history; his company's products were still sat on top of the sales charts; his company's shares had risen eighteen times in the past month alone He was on his way to being named the man of the year, so how could he not be surviving just fine?

But what about her?

To be frank, Song Qingchun had to admit things were going well for her as well. Under Zheng Hao's guidance, Song Empire was growing; Song Menghwa's physical condition was getting better; she had gained nine headlines in the past month, surpassing the record made by Tang Nuan; Station TW's news anchor was taking a pregnancy leave starting from next week, and the station manager had told her the spot was probably hers; the company had a worker's holiday trip in July to Paris, and she shopped to her heart's content there

This was probably the luckiest she had ever been since Song Cheng's death. However, she did not feel one bit of happiness.

Every day, Su Zhinian would pop up in her mind. Sometimes, in the middle of laughing, an urge to break down and cry would assault her. Whenever she walked the streets and saw couples holding hands on dates, like a crazy person, she would imagine herself and Su Zhinian in that same position.

Nevertheless, no matter how sad the ending was between them, it was still an ending.

Compared to six years ago, when she pointed at his nose and chased him out, when he left a check on the table and left, this separation had a deeper sense of finality to it.

They say that time is the best medicine.

From the summer in June to autumn in November, three whole months had passed, one hundred days. However, the wounds in her heart did not close up. In fact, they only tore open even more.

He had fabricated a wonderful dream around her. The dream was over, but she still found herself unable to wake up from it.