Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 515

Chapter 515: He Is Not A Possibility For You 9
Chapter 515: He Is Not a Possibility for You (9)
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That night, he had already told her clearly that he did not need her to wait for him. The message was still in her mind, but she still waited dumbly for him to return.

She had stolen away to take a peek at him by camping under his company, just as she had done when she first reached out to him to help Song Empire. However, unlike that time, she did not rush forward to block him whenever he appeared.

Instead, she would scurry behind the trashcan, behind the telephone post, behind the street lights, deadly afraid that he might spot her. There were two times when he walked past her hiding place, and she was close enough to him that she could hear the familiar footsteps and voice. Both times, the palpitation in her heart made her attention waver, and she stood there for a long time before she was herself again.

In spite of everything, they still accidentally came across each other that one time.

It was the entrance to Beijing Hotel. She was walking in, and he was going out. He was surrounded by a group in suits and ties, and she was all alone.

Their paths crossed, and the man in a black suit was as handsome as ever. Her eyes merely glanced at him for a moment before her heart tightened up, and she stopped breathing.

He turned around to tell Cheng Qingchong something. His every move spoke of the majesty of an emperor.

When they walked past each other, there was about two meters between them. He turned slightly her way, but she could not tell whether he had actually seen her or not, because he dashed past her like a blast of wind, leaving behind only the faint smell of cologne that he usually wore.

Her steps halted, and she froze for a long time before she slowly turned her body around to see him bend over and get into his car.

That day, she stood like a dummy in Beijing Hotel's lobby for a long time. The pedestrians on the street either laughed at her, pointed at her, or frowned at her. It got so much attention that the waiter had to walk out from the restaurant to ask her if she needed any help.

She came to slowly and shook her head at the waiter. She thanked him before walking toward the elevator. After the elevator door closed, her eyes started to well up.

Her love toward him had not decreased, but in his eyes, she had become nothing more than a stranger. Her days without him were colorless and boring.

Many times, there was a smile on her face even though her heart was weeping.

One day, as the clock struck midnight, she received a call from Qin Yinan, and that call changed her life forever.

In the public's eyes, these three months were the most glorious period of Su Zhinian's life; he had reached so many milestones. However, only the man himself knew how meaningless his life was behind the glittering faade.

He returned to his original state, eating alone, sitting at home alone, spacing out alone, and tailing behind her silently to quench his desire to see her.

According to the news, he had done many things worth celebrating recently, but if he was being frank, he really did not know what was there to celebrate.