Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 516

Chapter 516: He Is Not A Possibility For You 10
Chapter 516: He Is Not a Possibility for You (10)
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The only things worth remembering were when she dropped her wallet, and he controlled her mind to pick it back up; when she had her eyes on a necklace alongside another woman, and he controlled the other woman to surrender the necklace to her; when she was waiting for a taxi by the roadside, and the wind blew up her dress, but she didn't realize it, so he controlled her mind to put her hand over her dress

He also remembered using his super-hearing to listen to the sound she made as her hands were pressed over her stomach as she suffered from her painful periods, the affection in her voice as she discussed her latest favorite movie with her colleagues, the sound she made as she camped herself outside of his company, her voice on her phone as she queued for coffee

Many times, he pulled out his phone to reread the many messages they had shared over the years. In the end, he would feel compelled to send her a message to check up on her, but he never committed to it.

On Valentine's Day, he had already typed "Happy Valentines", but he did not send it. Instead, he switched to the old phone that he had not taken out for a long time to send her a holiday greeting.

Her response was still the same. She sent him many replies in return, and they all revolved around his identity and her request to meet him in person. He did not reply and stared at the phone, spacing out for a long time. When he was about to switch off the phone, another message from her came. This time it was an unusual message, or at least, it was not about his identity. "I've fallen in love with someone, but that person doesn't love me."

A simple sentence made his heart quake with so much pain that he bent over clutching his chest.

He did not do anything; he definitely could not reply. What he did was press the shutdown button immediately.

He could hear the sound of screams in his blood and soul, saying, I love you, I love you, I love you!

Was his life happy?


Was his life painful?


However, no matter how unhappy and how painful life was, it had to go on.

Regardless, there were indeed changes to his life compared to before he signed that one-hundred-day contract with Song Qingchun.

For one, the time he spent playing mah-jongg at Eldorado had increased tremendously. Before this, Tang Nuo could pull him out of his lair no matter how hard he tried, but now, Tang Nuo felt like ghosting Su Zhinian whenever he saw the man's caller ID appear on his phone.

It was not that he was suddenly bitten by the mah-jongg bug, but Su Zhinian felt like he might go crazy if he stayed at home and stared at the wall alone any longer. He needed to find something to do after he had finished all his work-related assignments.

On the night of November 18th, he had a business meeting at Beijing Hotel. It ended at about 8.30 pm, and like usual, he had asked Tang Nuo out for a game at Eldorado.

At the dinner table, CEO Yang brought along his new secretary. She was a pretty girl and looked like Song Qingchun from certain angle. She also happened to wear a pastel yellow dress that Song Qingchun also owned, so when she sat down, he could not help himself but glance several times her way.

Of course, this did not go unnoticed by the people seated at the table. CEO Yang saw this happen under his gaze, and he made a note of it in his heart. When the meeting reached its midpoint, he leaned into his secretary's ear and used a voice only loud enough for the both of them to hear. "Go entertain CEO Su, this deal is all on you."

The female secretary nodded and raised her glass of white wine to direct it at Su Zhinian, saying, "CEO Su, cheers."

Everyone in the business knew, other than the female bosses who handled big investments, Su Zhinian would not drink with any females.