Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 517

Chapter 517: A Passionate Night 1
Chapter 517: A Passionate Night (1)
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Cheng Qingchong naturally knew of this habit of his. Normally, she would step in to take the invitation instead, lest the situation became too awkward.

This time, she was about to do that as well, but she merely reached her wine glass and had not said anything when Su Zhinian suddenly reached for the glass of water before him and clinked it against the secretary's glass before sipping it gracefully.

Even though Su Zhinian did not say anything, this action of his made CEO Yang grin widely, and Cheng Qingchong stared at him with shock.

Su Zhinian agreed to the social convention not because he liked the deal but because the secretary looked a bit like Song Qingchun. The secretary tried to get him to drink with her after that, but Su Zhinian had returned to his usual self.

Perhaps because secretary looked too much like Song Qingchun, Su Zhinian found himself missing Song Qingchun dearly that night at the dining table. His attention drifted from the discussion and went out of the room trying to search for her voice.

To her surprise, within the same building, although he did not find her voice, he did stumble across the voice of a familiar figure.

It was Song Menghwa.

He too was having dinner at Beijing Hotel. It sounded like it was a reunion between old friends, and Song Menghwa was talking about his daughter.

"That daughter of mine recently became TW Station's news anchor," Song Menghwa said in a voice laced with pride.

"Oh yes, I know, I've seen her broadcast. I've not seen your daughter for so many years, and she has grown into a beautiful woman."

Song Menghwa laughed from the praise. It was obvious that he was enjoying the company.

"But, Ol' Song, your daughter is reaching the age to get married, right? Or is she already someone's wife?"

"No, unfortunately, not yet." There was disappointment in Song Menghwa's reply.

"Ol' Song, what is that disappointment in your voice? Something's bothering you?

"Ol' Song, you shouldn't be worried. Your daughter is so beautiful, so I'm sure she has many suitors.

"Or are you filtering through them to look for one that could match the Song family's standard? Ol' Song, you shouldn't meddle in young people's business."

"What kind of person do you think I am?" Song Menghwa said in a mock-injured voice before turning serious. "I only wish that the person is good to my daughter. If he can do that, even if he wants Song Empire, I will gladly hand it over to him."

"Ol' Song, you're still the same after so many years, always pampering that daughter of yours.

"Then Ol' Song, is your daughter still looking for her Mr. Right? Do you need us to help introduce?"

"Thanks, but that won't be necessary, I already have the perfect candidate in mind, and all of you know that person," Song Menghwa said mysteriously.

"Who is it?"

"Stop teasing us already, tell us, whose family's son is this?"

"Who else can it be? It's Ol' Qin's son!" Song Menghwa answered.

"Ol' Qin?" someone asked before adding. "His son, if I remember correctly, is an upstanding young man and a close friend of Song Cheng, right? What's his name again? Qin Qin something Nan"

"Qin Yinan."

When Song Menghwa uttered those two words, Su Zhinian's hand shook, and the cup he held in his hand suddenly fell onto the table.

The hot water in it splashed all over the table and his shirt sleeves.

His fair skin was scalded red; however, he merely sat immobile in his seat, staring blankly ahead like he could not feel the pain.