Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 519

Chapter 519: A Passionate Night 3
Chapter 519: A Passionate Night (3)
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After Su Zhinian left, Cheng Qingchong called to inform the driver.

When the driver saw Su Zhinian, he walked over immediately. "Mr. Su."

Su Zhinian was bent over coughing before he straightened himself. Under the single lamp post, the lines of the man's face were carved by the lights enhancing his handsomeness; however, at the bottom of his eyes, a red light was glowering.

The driver staggered back a few steps, startled by what he saw. After a moment, he asked cautiously, "Mr. Su, are you okay?"

Why are so many people asking me that question tonight?

Su Zhinian laughed at the absurdity of the question as he tossed the cigarette box in his hands to the driver and opened his palm at him, saying, "Car key."

Su Zhinian did not know where he was going; he just drove through the busy Beijing streets aimlessly. The traffic at 8 pm was rather congested, and Su Zhinian was either honking for others to move, or others were doing the same to him.

As night drew close, the number of cars on the streets gradually dipped, and the speed of Su Zhinian's car increased. He drove all around the city and only drove off the main street when his tank almost hit the bottom.

Su Zhinian drove on the side street, looking for the next gas station. After filling the tank, Su Zhinian drove away from the station, and he only got onto the street when the large billboard on the skyscraper before him started to play the news from that morning.

"Good morning, thank you for tuning in to TW Station. I'm your host, Song Qingchun."

Song Qingchun in her professional get-up was making her introduction with a smile. She looked gorgeous and knowledgeable.

Su Zhinian stepped on the gas pedal subconsciously, and he raised his head to stare at Song Qingchun on screen through the wind-shield.

When Song Qingchun still stayed at his bungalow, for some inexplicable reason, they once chatted about her professional dream.

She was munching on an apple at the time and told him in that jokingly arrogant ways of hers that if she was to become a news anchor, she would be the most beautiful and graceful news anchor in the world. Then she tilted her head to the side and asked him, "Am I right?"

At the time, he was seated at the sofa with a cup of tea in his hand. When he heard that question, he turned around to look at the girl splayed ungracefully on top of the sofa with one of her legs dangling off the coffee table. His lips twitched, and he lowered his gaze to look at the tea leaves swirling at the bottom of his cup. Then, he silenced his conscience and lied, "Yes."

Now, she finally became the news anchor that she always dreamed of and as he looked at her through the screen, he had to admit, she was right. She was indeed a paragon of grace and beauty.

However, that beauty and grace was not his to enjoy; she would soon become Mrs. Qin

He could never be with her, and he knew she could not wait for him forever; eventually, she would have to marry. However, he did not expect that news of her marriage would arrive so soon. In just three months from their separation, she was going to be in the white dress soon.

Even though the wedding date was not confirmed, from the conviction in Song Menghwa's words, Su Zhinian was certain this nuptial between Qin Yinan and Song Qingchun merely needed a formality to make it official.

Su Zhinian's chest suddenly shrank, the pain causing him to wheeze out a deep breath.

Qin Yinan is good to her, and they do match each other. Furthermore, Qin Yinan is slowly climbing his company ranks, and he's good at his job, so if he takes over Song Empire, it will definitely continue to thrive