Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 52

Chapter 52: The Person Hiding In My Memory 2
Chapter 52: The Person Hiding in My Memory (2)
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The last day of her holiday was 8th December, her birthday. Song Qingchun was a reporter and spent most of her working hours out researching, so she was not required to report to the station every day.

However, this was Song Qingchun's first day back at work after her long holiday, so she woke up early to prepare and arrived at the station punctually.

When tragedy struck the Song family, Song Qingchun did not have the time to care about her work. Now that she had returned, the first thing she did after arriving at her office was to call for her assistant to fill her in on all the news that had happened during her three months' absence.

Everything was normal the first month of her break, but from the next month onward, there was a name that appeared in the headlines' by-lines with startling frequency. That name was Tang Nuan.

Even just last month, there was Song Qingchun frowned as she made the mental calculation. Tang Nuan made front page news for eight consecutive copies.

Eight consecutive copies Her own personal record was merely seven consecutive copies Her proudest achievement was taken away by Tang Nuan in the three months she was not there.

Tang Nuan's smug face naturally floated up in Song Qingchun's mind. She could not help but raise her hand to massage her temple. Then, using her hand to support her chin, she looked out the window. After some contemplation, she pressed the telephone on her desk to connect to the intercom system. No matter what, she would not give up the title of top female reporter at Station TW without a fight!

This was because only by claiming the title of the top female reporter could she become Station TW's anchor-woman in the future!

She swore to work hard to get newsworthy articles to break Tang Nuan's record. Only by competing with her to snatch up the front-page news would she be able to stop Tang Nuan's winning streak.

After hanging up the phone, her assistant hurried into her office. Song Qingchun passed her a piece of name card and ordered, "Get on the phone and help me make an appointment. Tell them, I want to do an interview."

"Yes, Sister Song." The assistant nodded and moved to make the call. After a few short conversations, she hung up, looked at Song Qingchun and said cautiously, "Sister Song, CEO Yang said they have already contacted another reporter for the interview"

"Another reporter?" Song Qingchun said with a frown. This was a contact she had cultivated for two years; they would often feed her news. Song Qingchun pressed, "Who is it?"

The assistant answered in a mousy voice, "It was Tang Nuan."

Song Qingchun gritted her teeth and passed her assistant another name card. "Try this."

The assistant made the call and similarly only said a few words before hanging up. She then turned to Song Qingchun and said in a small voice, "Mrs. Xiang said that she has already been interviewed by Tang Nuan last night."

Song Qingchun did not comment this time but passed her assistant another name card. The result was still the same; they had already scheduled the interview with Tang Nuan. This process was repeated until Song Qingchun handed her assistant the last name card she had.

Her assistant stood there quietly with her head lowered.

Song Qingchun stared at her and asked, "Tang Nuan?"

Her assistant nodded in quick succession without raising her head.