Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 520

Chapter 520: A Passionate Night 4
Chapter 520: A Passionate Night (4)
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He had once tried to push them together, and now that they were finally together, it was something worth celebrating.

He should have been glad but Su Zhinian felt like someone had slashed his chest open with a knife and reached in to grab his heart and pull it out. The pain caused all the color to drain from his face, and his perfectly trimmed brows creased deeply.

There were cars that came on coming from behind him. Since his car blocked one of the lanes, many drivers honked in irritation or rolled down their windows to curse at him when they drove past him. However, Su Zhinian sat in his car like he did not hear anything with his eyes glued to the billboard screen.

The news lasted thirty minutes, and his car blocked the traffic for thirty minutes. It was not until Song Qingchun smiled and bade the viewers goodbye that he lowered his head and looked at the street before him.

The light had just turned red, so he leaned back in the seat and waited with a blank expression. As the light turned green and he was going to step on the oil, his phone rang.

It was from Tang Nuo.

"I say, Big CEO Su, are you still on for the game or not? You're the host, but you're more than three hours late. What are you planning exactly?"

Su Zhinian interrupted his friend and answered the first question Tang Nuo posed. "I'm going."

"But, it's already 11 pm, and we still need to work tomorrow, so why don't we call it"

Before Tang Nuo could finish, Su Zhinian hung up. When he reached Eldorado, there was only Tang Nuo in the game room.

"Can't help it, it's already too late; the other two were called home by their wives" Tang Nuo started to explain when he saw how blanched Su Zhinian's face was. He stopped talking and stared at him for a while before asking, "Are you okay?"

Su Zhinian dumped himself on the nearest sofa and grabbed the remote to turn on the television. The quiet room was soon filled with the sound from the television.

Tang Nuo looked at Su Zhinian before shrugging and walked over. Even though he knew Su Zhinian had sworn off alcohol for half a year already, he joked, "Feeling down? How about a drink or two to drown your sorrows?"

Su Zhinian raised his head to look at him and nodded. "Sure."

Tang Nuo was stunned. He blinked multiple times before asking in shock, "You're kidding right? You said okay?"

Su Zhinian did not say anything but reached out for the drinks menu on the coffee table.

Tang Nuo's eyes were wide open. He sat down beside the man and pressed, "Hey, haven't you sworn off alcohol for Song Qingchun? Why are you falling off the wagon now?"

Su Zhinian continued to ignore Tang Nuo and reached for the service phone to call the waiter.

He doesn't look like he's joking For Su Zhinian, he could betray anyone in this world but Song Qingchun. The promise he made her is practically worth gold, so what's happening now?

The waiter strode in, disrupting Tang Nuo's thoughts. Su Zhinian waved the waiter over and started ordering from the menu. He ordered beer, champagne, red wine, white wine, and even vodka.

Tang Nuo was dazed for a long time before he recovered and immediately pulled the drink list away from Su Zhinian's hands. He then told the waiter, "That's enough, thank you."

Soon after, the waiter returned with the alcohol order.