Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 521

Chapter 521: A Passionate Night 5
Chapter 521: A Passionate Night (5)
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Various alcohol bottles of differing sizes filled the entire table. Before the waiter could ask which one he should open, Su Zhinian answered, "Open all of them."

After the waiter left, Su Zhinian grabbed the closest bottle without looking at the label, raised it at Tang Nuo, tipped his head back, and downed the drink.

Qin Yinan accompanied his boss on a business dinner that lasted until 1 am. His boss staggered out of the building, and his words were slurred. As Qin Yinan held his boss and supported him out, his boss repeated the story of how he started from nothing three times.

His boss' driver was already waiting at the entrance to Eldorado. With the driver's help, Qin Yinan helped his boss get into the car. After his boss left in his car, Qin Yinan pulled his car key from his pocket and walked toward the parking lot.

He had walked for about fifty meters when he heard the sound of someone vomiting. He turned toward the sound subconsciously and saw a man doubled over, holding a tree with his hand, and spilling his guts out.

When Qin Yinan walked past the man, he glanced at him. There was probably nothing left in the man's stomach because the stuff leaving his mouth seemed to be bile.

The man was facing away from Qin Yinan, and he only looked at him once before turning his head away. He felt the man look familiar, but he was not one to intervene into another's business, so he left in a hurry.

He only took two steps when Qin Yinan heard the sound of a loud thud. When he turned into the parking lot, he turned back to look, and the man had collapsed to the floor. The man seemed to be trying to get up, but even using the tree as support, he still continued to slip and fall.

Just as Qin Yinan was hesitating whether to go and help, the man suddenly turned his head around. Through the dim street lights, Qin Yinan saw a familiar face stare at him.

Su Zhinian that man is usually so kept together. Why has him drunk himself into this state?

After a moment's daze, Qin Yinan walked over and bent down to grab Su Zhinian's arm to pull him off the floor. "CEO Su, what happened to you?"

Su Zhinian stumbled in his grasp before finally steadying himself and slowly turning his head around to look at him.

It was probably the alcohol acting up because Su Zhinian stared at him for a long time before finally slurring out a question. "Who who are you?"

As Su Zhinian opened his lips, the heavy stench of alcohol hit Qin Yinan on his face, causing the latter to hold his breath.

Just how much did he drink?

Qin Yinan slowed down his tone and answered, "CEO Su, I'm Qin Yinan."

He might have imagined it, but when Qin Yinan offered his name, Su Zhinian's face suddenly darkened. He stared at him for a while before slowing turning back around as he uttered a slow "Oh."

The next second, he suddenly doubled over and started to dry heave.

Qin Yinan waited until Su Zhinian stopped vomiting before saying, "CEO Su, where do you live? I'll drive you home"

Before Qin Yinan could finish, with his head still lowered, Su Zhinian mumbled, "Treat her well"