Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 522

Chapter 522: A Passionate Night 6
Chapter 522: A Passionate Night (6)
Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

Even though he was drunk beyond belief Even though his hair and clothes were a mess Even though there were dried vomit flecks still stuck to his chest Even though his words were slurred from the alcohol Even though Qin Yinan could not catch what he really said When he said those few words, Qin Yinan still managed to sense the intense melancholy radiating from his whole body.

Qin Yinan's hand shook, holding Su Zhinian's arm. He responded before asking, "CEO Su, what did you say?"

"Treat her well" Su Zhinian continued repeating himself as if he didn't hear Qin Yinan. "Treat her well You have to treat her well"

When Qin Yinan had a clearer listen, his fingers started to shake.

CEO Su is talking in his drunk state? Treat her well? Who is she? Who would have thought this seemingly aloof man has such a fiery heart?

"Do you know how much I envy you?" Before the thoughts could settle in Qin Yinan's mind, Su Zhinian continued to mumble. "If possible, I will give up everything to trade places with you that way I can finally love her openly"

Before Su Zhinian could wheeze out the 'and freely', he started to cough, but there was nothing inside him that he could vomit out anymore. He was so uncomfortable in this state, and his body started to shiver.

"Do you know how much I yearn to love her?" The man, who finally stopped coughing, stared at the ground quietly before he began softly again. "She is the only thing that I would give up my life to protect, so I really don't want to give you the opportunity


Qin Yinan did not know what Su Zhinian was talking about; he only felt the man was in the throes of despair. He wanted to cut him off, but for some reason, whenever Qin Yinan wanted to stop him, the words reached his mouth and stopped. So, he just stood up, supporting him, and listening quietly.

"But, I cannot. She deserves all the love and kindness in the world, and I cannot deprive that from her by contaminating her with my impurity and obscenity.

"So you have to treat her well, you have to.

"If if you dare do wrong by her" Su Zhinian, who grumbled sadly and softly with his head lowered, suddenly raised his head. His bloodshot eyes that glared at Qin Yinan were filled with viciousness. "I will make you pay!"

Even though Qin Yinan knew Su Zhinian was drunk and was mumbling nonsense, when that fiendish gaze fell on him, his heart still trembled with fear.

Su Zhinian did not continue saying anymore threats. His eyes, fixed on Qin Yinan, started to waver, and his head slowly drooped.

Qin Yinan saw his lips move, but the breeze of the autumn night carried the words away from Qin Yinan's ears. He only managed to pick out isolated words like "Ting" and "love". When the wind stopped blowing, he finally managed to catch a complete sentence. "Glad to have found you, sorry to have found you."

The duo was silent for a long time before Qin Yinan uttered, "CEO Su, where do you live?"

Su Zhinian was complete lost. He did not answer.

Qin Yinan turned to look at the glittering faade of Eldorado. After some contemplation, he turned and dragged Su Zhinian back toward it.