Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 524

Chapter 524: A Passionate Night 8
Chapter 524: A Passionate Night (8)
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Qin Yinan got into his car and put on his seatbelt, but he didn't start the engine. Instead, he turned around to look at Eldorado's entrance, where people still streamed in and out even though it was already midnight.

Song Song should have accepted the room card and entered Su Zhinian's room by now, right? Then, she will take extreme care of the drunk Su Zhinian through the night.

The next morning, when Su Zhinian wakes up, he will think it was Song Song who dragged him off the street and spent the whole night taking care of him.

Su Zhinian will definitely be touched and appreciative. That will definitely undo the awkwardness that has fallen over them for the past three months.

That way, I'm sure Song Song will be happy.

Initially, he did not think about calling Song Qingchun. When he asked where Su Zhinian's house was the second time and still didn't get an answer, he turned around to look at Eldorado, and the name Song Qingchun appeared in his mind.

Ever since three months ago, when he accepted the call from Su Zhinian and fetched the crying Song Qingchun home from the restaurant, there had been no interaction between Su Zhinian and her.

She did not mention that night anymore, and he did not bring it up. On the surface, she looked absolutely normal; she went to work, went with parties with her friends, and had on her usual smile. However, she could never fool him, who had grown up with her.

Whenever they would go out to eat, she would be smiling, and when the television mentioned Su Zhinian, her smile would freeze, and the usually talkative girl would become suspiciously quiet. She once came over to ask him to join her in an online game. When she blurted out the name 'Su Zhinian', he noticed her turn her head away and bite on her lower lips.

The most memorable event, however, happened when he went over to her house to give Song Menghwa some tea leaves. Song Qingchun was having her afternoon nap. When he realized the blanket had fallen off, he walked over to pick it up for her. When he got closer, he saw the earbuds in her ears. He quietly removed one and plugged it into his ear because he was curious what she was listening to. Plus, since he had nothing to do while he waited for her to wake up, he had figured why not. He listened to the song for about half an hour, and it kept replaying the same song: "We've all been forgotten".

He knew this song well enough because Song Qingchun once told him this was Su Zhinian's favorite song. He sat on the sofa, staring at her sleeping face for a long time, and left before she even woke up.

At that time, he finally understood why she would plug in her earphones whenever she was free; it looked like she was whiling time away by listening to music, but it was actually a manifestation of her deep longing for a certain someone.

Therefore, when the images flashed across his mind, he made a decision to book a room for Su Zhinian and had Song Qingchun come over to take care of him.

Song Song has been trying to get close to Su Zhinian but didn't have the opportunity, so I'll give her one.

He had once promised her, "May you hold my hand in love and companionship, but may good fortune hold yours in parting and solitude."

But that had been ruined by the appearance of Tang Nuan.

However, from then on, he would hold onto his promise.

Qin Yinan pulled his gaze away from Eldorado. He stepped on the gas pedal, and his car slowly left the parking lot.

I'm merely fulfilling my promise to her; I should be comforted, so what is this prickling sense of pain in the heart?