Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 526

Chapter 526: A Passionate Night 10
Chapter 526: A Passionate Night (10)
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Under the faded light of the bedroom, his features were both more pronounced and more chiseled by the coloration of shadows and light. Perhaps due to the alcohol, his already fair skin looked more transparent than usual.

His whole person had the appearance of a silent statue, no signs of flaws or blemishes in sight. Even though his face paled due to the tiredness and drunkenness, the man was still startlingly handsome.

She had not seen him for three months, but she would see his face every day. In fact, often, she would be able to perfectly draw out his face in her dreams. In spite of the fact his face was forever seared in her mind, when she studied him at such a close distance, Song Qingchun's breath was still taken away from her.

The time in the room seemed to have stopped. He slept quietly while she looked over him silently.

As time passed, the medicine started working its magic. His creased brows started to relax, and his expression was not as tense as before.

Song Qingchun's gaze that stared at Su Zhinian started to focus, and her eyes filled with tenderness; even her lips curved involuntarily up into a smile. She could not help but reach out toward his face.

She was afraid that her touch might wake him, so her fingers were shaking greatly. As her fingertips almost touched his face, she still resigned from fear. She looked at him and swallowed deeply as if cheering herself on. Her fingers began reaching for his face again.

The moment her skin touched his cheek, a surge of electricity coursed through her body, causing her heart to skip a beat and her finger to shake violently. Then she immediately pulled back her finger. After a long time, she started to whole process again.

The man was still fast asleep, so her bravery increased. Her fingertips slowly moved to his brows and gently trailed the shape of his eyes before landing on his lashes, his aquiline nose, the line of his jaw, and ending on his beautiful lips.

His lips were incredibly soft, and there was some degree of warmth left on them. Her fingertips stopped there for a long time, unwilling to move.

It was not until the night sky outside the window started to see light that his breathing became more steady, and Song Qingchun finally turned to move her eyes that had been staring at the man's face.

He should be waking up soon, and since he didn't vomit anymore after that earlier incident, I doubt he'll continue to vomit. The sun is coming up, so it's time to leave. He did say, he doesn't want me to appear in his sight anymore

The scene from three months ago when she confessed to him appeared in her mind, and tears threatened to flow down her clear eyes.

She really did not want to leave, and she prayed vehemently for time to stop there and then. She hoped that he would keep on sleeping; that way, she would be able to be by his side quietly, loyally, and without fear.

However, that was merely a wish.

Song Qingchun's eyes started to well up. She lowered her eyes to suppress the burgeoning sadness in her heart and slowly stood up from the floor.