Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 527

Chapter 527: A Passionate Night 11
Chapter 527: A Passionate Night (11)
Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

She had been kneeling on the floor for hours, and her legs were numb. When she stood up, she staggered from a cramp, and without anticipating it, Song Qingchun fell right on top of Su Zhinian.

Her face happened to fall into the small of his neck and the mixture of alcohol and the scent unique to the man coursed into her nostrils. She shivered violently and subconsciously raised her head up; his picturesque face was just inches away from her. Her breathing stopped, and her face started to burn.

She struggled to climb up from his body, but the pain from her leg cramp stopped her from moving, so she could only lie on top of his body quietly, biting her lower lips, and with her face burning, waiting for the cramp to ease.

His breathing from his nose would occasionally fall on her face, carrying with it a sense of familiar warmth. It tickled her heart and made her unable to look at his face. So, she turned away to look at his ear. Song Qingchun didn't realize her breathing was coming fast.

Suddenly, the breathing of the sleeping man started to become heavy. Perhaps she had imagined it, but even though there was a blanket between them, Song Qingchun could have sworn she could feel the body temperature of the man rising until to the point where she felt her skin was being scalded. Her legs started to weaken, and her energy was draining out of her body. This feeling made her feel flustered and helpless; it made her want to run. Ignoring the pain from the cramp, she placed her palms on his shoulders and tried to flip her body off of him. However, just as her body left his, someone grabbed her wrist, and she was flipped back on top of the man.

Her heart shivered greatly, and she hurriedly whipped her head up. The originally sleeping Su Zhinian was staring right at her.

His usually calm eyes were overflowing with passionate emotions. His gaze was searing, and it was as if two flames were dancing in his eyes. This made Song Qingchun even more nervous; she lowered her face post-haste and tried to muster up some explanation. Her lips opened, but no words became out. In the heat of the moment, she struggled her wrist loose from his grasp and tried once more to escape from him.

This time before she could move her body away, her waist was locked in place by his muscular and powerful arms.

Song Qingchun's heart stopped beating, and before she could understand what was happening, he suddenly rolled on top of her, changing their position in bed, with him on top and her cowering underneath his robust figure. Instantly, his powerful presence swept through her whole existence, causing her breath to be caught in her throat.

Her whole body froze up, and she didn't dare to even move a muscle. Her pupils darted all over the place except to look him in the eyes. Her brain was a mess before finally providing her with an explanation. She stammered, "Yes, yesterday you"

She merely got out these few words when his tapered fingers grabbed her jaw to force her to look into his eyes. Her heart dropped, but before she could even see his face clearly, his lips suddenly charged toward her and dominated her lips.

Her eyes were wide open, staring at his face that was literally right before her, and her mind was a complete blank.