Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 528

Chapter 528: A Passionate Night 12
Chapter 528: A Passionate Night (12)
Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

His kisses were like desperate attempts to take away her breath, her energy, and her soul. It felt like the world had fallen away and her brain had stopped working; she couldn't process where she was and what was happening to her.

It was not until her breath was catching in her throat and his long lashes flickered before her eyes that her brain started moving again. He's kissing me

Song Qingchun's body shivered slightly, and the next second, she felt the man's force on her lips increase. She could taste his desperation and desire. The feeling continued to grow until it couldn't be contained anymore.

An inexplicable desire and yearning exploded from the deepest part of Song Qingchun's heart. It grew endlessly and wildly.

This desire was something Song Qingchun had not experienced before; it was strange and animalistic.

It made her want to run, and with a burst of energy that she couldn't explain the origin of, she escaped his lips to take in deep breaths of fresh air. With a shaking voice, she wanted to stop him, but she only managed to get out the first word of his name before she felt the man's fingers on the back of her head as they held her in place.

As if afraid that she might squirm away from him again, he held her in with more force and passion. She had no way to run or hide, so she could only suffered his passion passively.

Their kisses reached such a fever pitch that Song Qingchun felt her consciousness fading. It eventually reached a point where she surrendered to his passion. Without realizing it herself, she closed her eyes and started kissing him back. She reciprocated his kisses by teasing him, closing and opening her lips.

His tongue soon found its way into her mouth, tangling with her tongue. Song Qingchun felt her body lit up by passion.

Her frozen body started to become limp and malleable in his grip, and her breathing started to slow and match his rhythm.

He kissed her until her lips were numb and her mind started to spin. Her breathing seemed to have stopped, and when she thought she was about to die from asphyxiation, she felt his grip on her body loosen.

However, before she could sigh in relief, his blazing lips started to imprint themselves all over her body, causing waves of numbness to surge through her.

Her body shivered intensely. She could sense the carnal desire in her body and the flustered emotion in her mind.

She was afraid, but she could not pinpoint the source of her fear. She wanted to push him away, but there was no strength behind her shove.

While her mind was fighting it out, she realized his fingers had found their way to her back. His teeth bit on the zipper of her clothes and she could feel the air touch her bare skin as he pulled his head back.

The lashes of her closed eyes trembled violently, and her hands gripped the mattress underneath her tightly.

She bit on her lower lip instinctively.