Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 529

Chapter 529: A Passionate Night 13
Chapter 529: A Passionate Night (13)
Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

His and her clothes started to fall off the bed like leaves, and soon, the floor of the bedroom was covered with their deposited clothes. The last fabric that was tossed off the bed was the bed cover.

Finally, there was nothing between them but their bare skin.

When he saw the fear and helplessness on her face, there was a hue of tenderness that appeared in his eyes. He slowly reached out to hold her face and started to calm her with his gentle and loving kisses.

Her fear and nervousness gradually fell away with his help. She had completely fallen into his seduction.

He sensed her reciprocation and slowly moved his lips away from her face and down her body.

The heat in the middle of his palm crossed her bare skin, leaving behind trails of flame, scorching her skin and igniting her heart.

As his hands danced over her skin, she couldn't help but moan, stimulated by his touch. The sound broke his last vestige of inhibition, and he soon sought entrance.

The first sensation that she felt was pain, causing a single tear to flow out of the corner of her eye.

He forced himself to slow down as he bent down to kiss away her tear. After he made sure she had gotten used to his presence, he brought her along with him to the heights of carnal pleasure. The world was theirs to enjoy. The atmosphere in the room started to become tense and heavy as if a heatwave was surging through it.

The three months of unhappiness between them dissolved easily. In fact, when she reached the climax of pleasure, she groaned involuntarily, and his name escaped from her lips.

"Su Zhinian Su Zhinian"

On top of her usual soft tone, there was a hoarse, animalistic growl in it. It caused his whole body to shake, and he felt a part of him start to grow. As his sweat fell on her face, he couldn't help but grunt her name in response. "Tingting"

Her senses were over-simulated, causing her brain to slow down in the process. When she heard his passionate yet gentle grunt, something sensuous within her appeared, and her hands that had been grabbing the mattress loosened to clamp around the man's sturdy waist.

Her active response caused a wildfire reaction in his mind and body. Both of their sweat-licked bodies started to shake, and their breathing had started to intermingle. As they both approached climax, the sound of his snarling grunt reached her ears once more.

Her hands on his waist started to claw into his skin, and compelled by the heat surging through her body, she tossed her head to reach toward his lips. However, at that moment, she heard falling from his kissable lips, that name again. "Tingting"

That name broke through the haze of their carnal pleasure. Her body froze, and with her head still tipped upwards, her eyes open. A fatally attractive face opened up before her eyes.

Her heart shuddered, and she saw his lips move once more. "Tingting"

This time, she not only heard it clearly but also saw it clearly.

He's calling Tingting Tingting the name of the woman who has been dominating his heart.

The blood on her face drained, and her head fell heavily on top of the pillow.

They were in the middle of the most intimate moment between two humans, but another woman's name escaped from his lips.

Heat seeped instantly out of Song Qingchun's body, and she felt like she was suddenly dropped into the coldest of winter nights without a single item of clothing on. The chilling, raging winds sent chills all over her body, freezing her previously boiling blood in just a mere second.