Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 530

Chapter 530: A Passionate Night 14
Chapter 530: A Passionate Night (14)
Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

All the passion oozed out of every cell in her body. Suddenly, she felt dirty and exposed. A pain gripped her heart so intensely that she could not breathe. She tried to move away to catch her breath, but she realized with a start that her body was completely immobile.

As if frozen into space, she stared at his passionate face for a long time before her eyes finally moved, and tears gradually fell from her eyes, trailed down her face, and dropped into her ears.

Her grasp on his waist gradually loosened in strength and fell limply on the bed.

There were a few seconds during the whole process when her heart surged with joy. In fact, the rational part of her brain that was still functioning thought for a moment that tonight was going to be the night they could bury the hatchet, and he would finally fall in love with her.

Now, she realized, it was all just part of her wishful thinking.

The man was still in a half-inebriated state and had mistaken her for the girl that he loved.

She really wanted to shake him awake, to push him off of her or splash a basin of cold water on his face, and tell him her name was not Tingting but Song Qingchun.

However, she did not feel like there was any energy left in her to even move a muscle. A fury burned in her heart, but there was not enough fuel to fire it up into a flame.

She was chilled to her core, but he was still enraptured in the height of passion.

This stark contrast made more tears come to her eyes. She subconsciously pushed her face to the side, to make sure he could not see her face. She was afraid that he might hear her cry, so she bit on her lips tightly until she could even taste blood on her tongue.

She did not know when the whole thing ended. She only remembered that, in that moment of release, she could not hold onto her emotions and wept for a fraction of a second. She quickly caught herself, and before he realized it, she turned her body around and bit on the mattress.

The man after release did not take notice as he collapsed to her side. Then, he reached out to pull her gently into his arms to cuddle.

His chest was firm and warm, but it caused her heart to twitch even more with pain.

He placed his hand on top of her head and rubbed her head affectionately like a cat before lowering his face to kiss her hair. Then, he moved to her ears and whispered in a voice reserved for the most intimate of moments, "Tingting, I love you."

I love you

She never knew that the most beautiful words in the English language could be turned into such a sharp knife.

Song Qingchun buried her face in the covers and curled her body into a fetal position as her tears started to fall suddenly.

Su Zhinian, who was hugging her, was silent for five minutes before his bodily reaction started to reignite once more.

The tips of his fingers were like searing brands, causing her body to shake wherever he touched her.

Song Qingchun wanted desperately to resist, but she could not summon energy. Her weak resistance merely riled him up even more, and she was eventually pressed under him again.

His action came faster than before, and the pain in her heart was slowly overwhelmed by sensational pleasure.