Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 531

Chapter 531: Is This For Me? 1
Chapter 531: Is This for Me? (1)
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This was not her first time, not even in that one night, so she was tired. Furthermore, she had stayed up to look after Su Zhinian throughout the night. The combination of general exhaustion and rollercoaster of emotions knocked Song Qingchun out, and she was completely collapsed in his arms when it was all over.

When Song Qingchun woke up, it was already 3 pm.

She felt like every bone in her body had been broken, and there were sores all over her body. She stared at the ceiling blankly for a long time before the events from the previous night surfaced in her mind. Her heart shrunk in that second, and she sprang up in bed, clutching the cover to her chest.

The room was quiet, and she was alone.

If not for the lingering smell in the room, the trace of kisses all over her body, and the properly washed, dried, and folded clothes on the bedside table, it would not have been hard for her to assume that the images that appeared in her mind were all merely a dream.

Song Qingchun wrapped the covers around her and got off the bed. Due to the weakness in her knees, her gait was slow. She did not walk into the bathroom but stood before the bedroom door. She pulled it open softly and peeked through the gap.

The afternoon light filtered through the window and lit up the living room. The place was as quiet and as empty as the bedroom.

So, he has already left

Song Qingchun's eyes dimmed. She stood at the door for a long time before turning to walk into the bathroom. After taking a warm shower, she felt much better. She blow-dried her hair and exited the bathroom. Not in a hurry to get into a change of clothes, she went into the living room to pull out her phone.

Her phone had run out of battery.

As she turned back into bedroom, she spotted a take-out bag left on the coffee table. She frowned as her legs paused. She pulled it open and peered in. It was packed with her favorite breakfast.

Su Zhinian bought this?

A faded warmth colored Song Qingchun's heart, but that was quickly eclipsed by the name 'Tingting' that suddenly rang across mind.

When she saw the food, honestly, she did want to reach in to take a bite, but now, her appetite had left her. Her finger grazed the packed breakfast before she dropped the whole bag on the table and walked back into the bedroom.

She grabbed a hair band to pull her tousled hair into a ponytail before putting on her dried undergarments.

In her hurry to leave the house last night, she only wore a pair of panties and a long dress.

She picked up her panties and put them on. When she reached for the dress, something fell out from between the fabric. It landed with a thud.

She did not hurry to pick it up but proceeded to squirm into the long dress. After she smoothed out the ruffles in her dress, she bent down to pick up that thing that fell earlier.

Sitting on top of the hotel room's plush carpet was a box.

She picked up the box with a curious frown. When she got a clearer look of the writing on the box, her face blanched, and with a shiver, the box fell once more to the floor.

When Cheng Qingchong saw Su Zhinian for the first time that morning, she knew something was off.

The fact that this was the first time she had ever known him come late to work aside, when he arrived, he did not even stop to ask her about his daily schedule but barged into his office and locked the door behind him.