Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 532

Chapter 532: Is This For Me? 2
Chapter 532: Is This for Me? (2)
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The whole afternoon, no matter how harsh the people from company banged on the door, the door to the CEO's office remained closed.

Cheng Qingchong purposely waited until everyone in the office went home before she switched off her computer. She packed her bags but did not hurry to leave the office. Instead, she moved her chair silently to the CEO's office door. Standing on the chair, she looked into the room through a clear glass panel on the top part of the wall. She saw Su Zhinian standing before an open drawer, spacing out, and completely immobile like a statue.

Cheng Qingchong observed Su Zhinian in his office for about an hour. In that whole hour, Su Zhinian maintained his posture.

Don't tell me Big Boss has spent the whole afternoon staring at the drawer for so many hours?

The thought crossed Cheng Qingchong's mind when another bubbled up. Wait, that drawer is the one filled with presents meant for Miss Song, right?

So, why would Big Boss lose sight of time watching those presents? He misses Miss Song?

Just as Cheng Qingchong was weighing the possibility in her mind, Su Zhinian, who had been silent for so long, finally moved. He turned slowly around and staggered slightly as he moved to the sofa in the room.

Before he sat down, his face just so happened to turn toward the general direction of the door, giving Cheng Qingchong a clear view of his tear-rimmed eyes.

Cheng Qingchong gasped inaudibly as Su Zhinian sat down on the sofa, raised his head up, and closed his eyes, facing the chandelier on the ceiling. Then, he returned to his completely immobile state.

The expression on his face was serene, but Cheng Qingchong noticed that his hands, which were laid on top of the coffee table, were white. There was a small box in his hands, and the box was misshapen completely from his excessive force.

Cheng Qingchong recognized that box. Before she started working under him, that box was already in his possession.

Big Boss had purchased many presents for Miss Song over the years even though none of them had reached the hands of the intended recipient. After they were sequestered to that drawer, none of them had ever seen the light of day again. This box, however, was the sole exception; she would occasionally walk in on him staring blankly at the box.

The box was old, and it looked like it was purchased years ago; the wrapping paper was already incredibly faded.

Cheng Qingchong sighed quietly and was about to come down from her chair and head home when she saw Su Zhinian raised the box to his eyes.

Cheng Qingchong had always been curious about the box's contents, and even though she had been by his side for so many years, she had never once seen him open the box before. Therefore, when she saw what Su Zhinian was doing, she stopped what she was doing and focused on the man.

Su Zhinian stared at the box for about ten minutes before he fixed the crushed box back to its original state as best as he could. He slowly opened it.

The box's lid just so happened to block her view of the actual contents, but when he opened it, her eyes were blinded from the light refracted from within.

That's a dia Before the thought formed in Cheng Qingchong's mind, she saw Su Zhinian lift the item out of its box.