Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 533

Chapter 533: Is This For Me? 3
Chapter 533: Is This for Me? (3)
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It was a diamond ring. The ring matched Su Zhinian's eye for beauty, simple yet elegant. However, the style was rather outdated, at least compared to the current rings on the market.

Cheng Qingchong stared dumbly at the diamond ring for a moment before the gears in her mind started to turn once more. This mean that, before I met Big Boss, Big Boss already planned to propose to Miss Song? But, what stopped the proposal or made it unsuccessful?

Just as Cheng Qingchong was in a state of befuddlement, Su Zhinian seemed to sense an eye on him, so he suddenly turned to glance Cheng Qingchong's way. Cheng Qingchong immediately scurried to hide. Squatting on the chair, she got down stealthily. Then, she moved the chair back to its place, grabbed her bag, and slinked out of the office.

After Cheng Qingchong left, the office became even more silent.

Su Zhinian leaned against the white, leather sofa, staring at the diamond ring hanging off his finger. Even though the chandelier was glittering above his head, his expression was dim. His mind was a mess, as if there were many things crowding it, but when he tried to latch onto any one thought, they continuously slipped through his grasp.

The only thing he could remember was waking up to her sleeping soundly and peacefully in his arms. It was about 11 in the morning, and the sun was up in the southern sky. Through the open window, the rays filtered generously into the room.

The scene was so wonderfully beautiful that it made him believe he was still dreaming. In fact, he even hugged her closer and used the top of his nose to nuzzle her cute ears before landing a morning kiss that was hours late on her fair cheek.

As if sensing his kiss, in her dreams, she snuggled deeper into his chest. Her approach caused a heat wave to surge through his heart and the rest of his body.

Unable to suppress his rising desire, with his eyes half-closed, his lips wandered about her face before landing squarely and powerfully on her lips.

A familiar and powerful shock of electricity shot at him from his memory the moment their lips touched.

The feeling was so real that it finally dawned on him that he was not dreaming Su Zhinian's whole body shook, and his eyes flew wide open.

Song Qingchun, who appeared right before his face, had her plump lips slightly open, and her skin that was exposed to the open air showed signs of their shared intimacy.

As if knocked on the head by a heavy gavel, Su Zhinian's drowsiness disappeared instantly, and he rolled off of her and rushed into the bathroom at full speed.

He opened the faucet and used the ice-cold water to splash his face. His heart was palpitating at an impossible speed. If not for his hands holding the sink, he would have collapsed directly to the floor.

He had drunk too much the night before, and he had no recollection of how he had ended up in Eldorado's guest room. The only faded memory that he had from the night before was how he had met her in his alcohol-addled dream.