Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 534

Chapter 534: Is This For Me? 4
Chapter 534: Is This for Me? (4)
Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

In his dream, she used a wet towel to wipe away the dirty smudges on his face and body. Then she gave him medicine and water before gently helping him bandage the wound on his wrist.

She stayed by his side for such a long time that he wished he would die in his sleep right there and then. She even reached out to touch his face. Her trembling and slightly cold finger sent tremors and heat waves all over his body.

Her finger eventually settled on his lips and refused to budge after a long time. He was afraid to move even an inch lest he lost control of his body and moved to kiss her fingertip.

He could feel his breathing getting more rapid, his body temperature rising, and his bodily function kicking in He knew he was starting to feel carnal desire toward her.

However, even in his dream, he did not dare act out of place because she didn't belong to him; he couldn't contaminate her, and thus, he tried his best to control the raging hormones that were starting to torment his body.

He resisted until he felt like his blood vessels were about to pop. When her finger finally left his lips, he sighed in relief under his breath, but before that breath could completely escape, her whole body suddenly collapsed into his arms, and the alluring scent on her body instantly filled his nostrils.

He gripped his fists tightly, fighting the desire that was forming within him. She lay on top of him for a long time, seemingly unwilling to move. For him, that every second was like a torturous century.

He tried to hold everything to such a degree that it pained him both physically and mentally. Just as he reached his breaking point, the girl started to grind against him. Through the cover, he could feel the softness and litheness of her body; her struggle aroused the desire within him to its maximum.

His rationality was completed overwhelmed. Even though he knew it was a grave mistake, even though he knew he should not have done it, he lost control. He gripped her wrist, and in his dream, the desire and passion he had reined in for years finally exploded.

He kissed her with such passion, but instead of running away, she reciprocated Little by little, he allowed himself to submerge into the abyss of darkness.

It was truly a perfect dream. The girl in his dream shielded herself shyly under him and called his name in such an alluring manner.

Su Zhinian stopped his thoughts from wandering further as his eyes gradually fell on the three bandages that were applied neatly over the wound on his wrist.

Even though it had been hours since he woke up at Eldorado, when he saw those bandages on his wrist, he still reacted the same way he did at the bathroom in Eldorado; his whole body started to shake, and cold sweat broke up all over his back, drenching his skin.

He wished desperately for that dream from the night before to be just that, a dream, but he had to face the truth: that was all part of reality.

After six years, he had once again accidentally harmed her because he could not control himself.

However, six years ago, he still had not discovered that secret. At the time, he had scoured the whole of Beijing to search for the perfect ring because he sincerely wanted to propose and marry her.