Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 535

Chapter 535: Is This For Me? 5
Chapter 535: Is This for Me? (5)
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Six years ago, he did not give her the ring.

Six years later, he stared at the ring for the whole afternoon but still could not give it to her. The only thing he could do was stomp her heart.

Su Zhinian, who had not had a bite to eat the whole day, did not feel hungry. He stayed in his office until 10 pm before he pulled the ring off his pinkie finger, placed it back into the box, and dropped it into his pocket. Then, he grabbed the car key, got up, and left his company.

Su Zhinian circled the city for a while before turning to go home.

His chest felt very congested, and when he passed a road filled with gingko trees, he rolled down the car window to let the autumn wind in. The wind blew in several gingko leaves, but it did make the man feel much better.

When his car passed the gate of his residential area, it was already 11 pm. The gate was closed. He honked, and the guard on duty immediately opened the gate for him when he saw Su Zhinian's profile through the rolled-down car window. The guard greeted him with a smile. "Mr. Su, welcome home."

Su Zhinian nodded wordlessly while staring straight ahead. After the gate opened wide, he pressed on the gas pedal and zipped in.

The car shot past one bungalow after another before he reached the street that led to his bungalow. When he was almost at the door, he stepped on the brake harshly. The car slammed to a stop, and the screeching of tires against the asphalt was amplified by the relative quietness of the night.

Pulling the hand brake, Su Zhinian was ready to get out. However, his fingers just reached the car door when a familiar sound of breathing drifted into his ears. His brows creased, and he glanced through the windscreen to spot Song Qingchun cowering beside his front door.

She had heard the sound of his car earlier and was looking at him with her head raised through his windshield. She was still wearing the clothes from yesterday, so Su Zhinian assumed she had come directly from Eldorado and had not returned home.

Su Zhinian believed that she had spent several hours waiting for him at his home because she wanted to stand up when she saw him, but her legs staggered, probably from numbness for prolonged squatting.

In the end, using the wall as support, Song Qingchun pulled herself up. She did not walk forward but stood where she was quietly, staring at him from the distance.

Using the porch light, Su Zhinian managed to catch the glimpse of the box in her hands.

She stood outside the car, and he sat inside. Neither of them made a move, and they stayed in this position for a long time.

After five minutes, Su Zhinian finally pulled his gaze back. He pushed open the car lightly and alighted from his car with grace. He slammed the door shut behind him, holding the car key with a placid face. Then, he started to take stable steps toward her. Su Zhinian stopped when he was about a meter away from Song Qingchun.

He lowered his head and then reached out to key in the door password. The system beeped to signify the door was open, and he turned to ask her in a very light tone, "Do you want to come in?"

Song Qingchun shook her head slightly, and the tension on the box in her grip heightened.