Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 536

Chapter 536: Is This For Me? 6
Chapter 536: Is This for Me? (6)
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Su Zhinian pushed his hand into his pocket, and an elegant and frigid presence radiated naturally from his body.

He did not force Song Qingchun and nodded before asking, "Why"

He was clearer than anyone why she was there, but he still paused for a second before finishing the sentence. "are you here?"

Su Zhinian's overtly indifferent reaction made Song Qingchun too afraid to even look him in the face. In fact, she had half a mind to just turn back and run. She wanted to leave, to give up on the question that she had spent a day waiting for an answer to.

Su Zhinian noticed Song Qingchun's lack of reaction and frowned. After half a minute, he prompted her. "Hmm?"

Hearing the prompt from Su Zhinian, Song Qingchun gripped the box in her hands, and after mustering one last bit of courage, she raised her eyes to meet Su Zhinian's gaze and slowly opened up her palm, asking, "Is this for me?"

Su Zhinian lowered his eyes to look at the box sitting in the middle of Song Qingchun's fair hand.

Under the weak porch light, the box of morning-after pills sat quietly like it was on display.

Song Qingchun was so nervous that her heart had stopped beating. Holding her breath, she stared directly at Su Zhinian as if worried that any small trace of emotion might escape her detection.

However, the man was calmer and more collected than she anticipated. In fact, his eyes did not even waver when he spotted the pills. He stared at the box for a long time before raising his eyes to meet hers and nodded openly. "Yes."

It was just a simple word, but it managed to drain all the color from Song Qingchun's face. She stared at him, and her lips moved as if trying to ask him why, but before she could get the question out, she clamped her mouth shut and lowered her head.

When she saw the box of morning-after pills that afternoon, she had already understood everything. Like a puppet that had lost its soul, she stared at the pill box that had fallen to the room floor for an extended period of time before she bent over to pick it up.

Her car was parked at Eldorado, but she had not taken it. In fact, she had not even grabbed her purse before she wandered out into the busy streets of Beijing, holding the box of pills in her hands. She had walked alongside the busy city streets for hours, and it was not until the sun started to set that she hailed a taxi and headed toward Su Zhinian's bungalow.

She had waited for him for a total of five hours.

She had come in person to ask him because there was still a ray of hope left in her heart. She wanted to look him in the eye, and perhaps she might see that this was a big misunderstanding.

She should have known better.

The answer was already right before her eyes when he took his departure from Eldorado without notifying her, leaving behind only a box of morning-face pills.

Song Qingchun's hands slumped to her side, and her face was startlingly white.

In a moment of surprising clarity, she realized how big of an idiot she looked right there and then.