Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 54

Chapter 54: The Person Hiding In My Memory 4
Chapter 54: The Person Hiding in My Memory (4)
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Again Song Qingchun's hands flinched when she heard that word, but she recovered quickly. Without taking a look at Tang Nuan, she continued washing her hands, adding, "Stealing is not anything worth broadcasting. After all, the only thing that counts is keeping it around, wouldn't you agree?"

Tang Nuan of course knew what Song Qingchun was hinting at If you can steal it from me, then watch as I steal it back from you!

Tang Nuan's lips curved into a mirthless smile and she asked, "Song Qingchun, do you really think you have the chance to take it back from me? Song Empire today is no longer what it once was, and you are no longer the princess of Song Empire. Do you really think those contacts that your big brother secured for you still care about you?

"Let me give you a much-needed reality check. They could not wait to get away from you. Without your big brother, you are nothing. Furthermore, Song Empire was forced to rescind their shares from the station's account. Do you think the station master will still look out for you after you lose your identity as a shareholder's daughter?

"From today onward, if you still coast under the radar like usual, then I am afraid not long from now, you will completely disappear from my sight."

"You're right, my family is indeed not as strong as before." Song Qingchun nodded along to what Tang Nuan said. Then she pulled out a few napkins and slowly wiped her hands dry before tossing them into the waste basket. After that, she turned around to face Tang Nuan. "Then again, it might have a benefit to it because now you cannot use the excuse saying that I depend on my background every time you lose to me."

Song Qingchun smiled brightly at her before walking out of the bathroom. After two steps, she stopped as if remembering something and whipped around to address Tang Nuan. "Regarding what you said, that I will completely disappear from your sight Let me tell you, whether I disappear or not, that is my call and definitely not yours."

Song Qingchun grinned at Tang Nuan, showing her row of white teeth, before pushing open the bathroom door and walking out of it.

Perhaps it was because she had the final word in the verbal altercation with Tang Nuan, Song Qingchun felt much better as she walked back to her office. Not long after that, she received a call from Qin Yinan.

Today was her birthday, and Qin Yinan had already promised to celebrate her birthday with her that afternoon, so when Song Qingchun answered the phone, she heard a "Happy birthday" from him before he asked, "Song Song, what do you want to have for lunch?"

Song Qingchun gave him one of the most useless answers possible. "Anything is fine."

Qin Yinan laughed on the other end of the phone like he had expected that answer from her and continued, "How about the Beijing Hotel?"

"That sounds great," Song Qingchun agreed easily.

"Okay then, I will come pick you up from your company at 11.30 am."

"See you then," Song Qingchun replied. She waited until Qin Yinan hung up that she did so. When it was almost 11 am, Song Qingchun took another trip to the bathroom to freshen up her make-up.

When Song Qingchun came out of the bathroom, it was already 11.32 am. She packed up all her things in the hurry and rushed to the elevator clutching her bag.