Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 541

Chapter 541: An Impromptu Journey 5
Chapter 541: An Impromptu Journey (5)
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"Good evening, Uncle Song," Qin Yinan greeted politely before answering his question. "Yes, it was me who brought Song Song home. I saw her standing at the door not going in, so I came to see what's wrong."

Song Menghwa looked at Song Qingchun standing beside him and asked, "It's Yinan?"

Qin Yinan did not know what kind of conversation Song Qingchun and Song Menghwa were having before he came over, so when he heard his name mentioned, he was confused. When he was about to ask for details, Song Qingchun with her head lowered suddenly nodded and whispered softly, "Yes, it is Brother Yinan."

Qin Yinan was even more confused, and he turned to Song Qingchun for clarification.

Song Qingchun felt his eyes on her, and to clue him in, she added, "I've been together with Brother Yinan since midnight yesterday."

When Qin Yinan heard that, it clicked. Song Menghwa was probably interrogating Song Qingchun on the identity of the man who Song Qingchun had eloped in the night for.

Even though he had no idea what had really happened for Song Qingchun to use him as a shield, he still cooperated. "Hmm."

Song Menghwa, however, had gone completely silent. He stood at the door looking at Qin Yinan then at Song Qingchun. Then, after a while, he said, "Qingchun, go upstairs. Yinan, come with me to the study."

How come this sounds more serious than I assumed?

Qin Yinan nodded. "Okay."

He tossed a look at Song Qingchun before following behind Song Menghwa into his study with a face filled with confusion.

The moment the door was closed, Song Qingchun could hear Song Menghwa's furious roar. "Qin Yinan, you sure have guts! Who gave you permission to ruin my daughter's innocence behind my back"

Then, Song Qingchun could hear the sound of something heavy crashing against the floor or the wall.

Qin Yinan stayed in the study for about half an hour.

When he was scolded by Song Menghwa, he received a message from Song Qingchun. He first helped Song Menghwa return to his bedroom, before he pulled out his phone to glance at the message. Then he went upstairs to knock on Song Qingchun's bedroom door.

Song Qingchun's bedroom door was not locked; obviously, she was waiting for him.

Qin Yinan did not wait for Song Qingchun to respond before he pulled the door open and walked in.

Song Qingchun was sitting in the sofa, hugging a pillow, staring out into the darkness outside the window.

When she realized someone else was in the room, she pulled her gaze back and turned to Qin Yinan with eyes filled with apology. "Brother Yinan, I'm really sorry."

During Song Menghwa's lecture, Qin Yinan had realized that Song Menghwa was under the impression that he had slept with his daughter. When he heard Song Qingchun's apology, he was silent for a moment before asking, "He last night, and you?"

Even though Qin Yinan did not spell it out, Song Qingchun knew what he meant.

He was asking her if something physical had happened between her and Su Zhinian the previous night.

Song Qingchun buried her face into the pillow and nodded wordlessly.

They've slept together, but why is she so sad and pushing this on me? This means that Su Zhinian, that son of a bitch, refused to take responsibility for what he did?

Qin Yinan felt a fury rage through him. He sprang up from the sofa and growled, "I'll go find him now!"