Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 542

Chapter 542: An Impromtu Journey 6
Chapter 542: An Impromtu Journey (6)
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"Brother Yinan!" Song Qingchun also jumped up from the sofa and reached out to grab Qin Yinan's sleeves.

Since they were children, whenever Song Qingchun would approach him crying because she had been bullied, he would step in even before Song Cheng did. He would stalk into Song Qingchun's class and beat the crap out of the boy who bullied her.

During middle school, one boy who confessed to Song Qingchun but was rejected by her refused to leave her be. It was Qin Yinan who dragged Song Cheng to where the boy was hanging out and beat him until he swore to stop harassing Song Qingchun.

In Song Qingchun's memory, whenever she was bullied, Qin Yinan would be the first to come to her rescue, but no matter how mad he once was, it was incomparable to the rage that was surging through his veins at that moment.

Qin Yinan shook Song Qingchun's hand away without thinking and dashed toward the door.

Song Qingchun did not even get into her shoes as she ran to chase after him and pulled on his shirt once more. "Brother Yinan"

With a tense expression, Qin Yinan finally stopped because he heard the tremble in Song Qingchun's voice.

Song Qingchun raised her eyes and forced a smile at Qin Yinan that somehow looked sadder than a frown. "Brother Yinan, just let him be."

Indeed, what other choices were there?

It was because she needed an answer that she went to his house with the box of pills to ask him in person, and what did she get in return? A deeper sadness and greater humiliation.

The only reason she would direct Song Menghwa's fury at Qin Yinan the moment she saw the man appeared was because she did not want Song Menghwa to go look for Su Zhinian. So, of course, she would not let Qin Yinan go seek out Su Zhinian either.

If he wanted to take responsibility, he would have done that a lot sooner and would not have left her with a box of morning-after pills. Haranguing him would only lead to more humiliation for her.

Song Qingchun's tone was light yet firm. It caused Qin Yinan's heart to crack; just how helpless was Song Qingchun for her to utter those words?

Qin Yinan stood there quietly for some time before finally compromising. He suddenly became weirdly agitated as he raised his hands to rub his face. Then he told Song Qingchun, "Song Song, I'm sorry; I shouldn't have given you that call last night."

He was trying to help her, but things definitely did not go the way he planned. Instead, he only deepened the wound on her heart.

"Brother Yinan, it's not your fault." Song Qingchun smiled sincerely despite the fragility in it. Tears fell out of her eyes as she said, "I asked you here because I want to apologize to you and also"

Song Menghwa loved her dearly. If he knew that his precious daughter had been taken advantage and that person refused to take responsibility, his heart would break.

Su Zhinian would not play this role for her, but her Brother Yinan could.

Song Qingchun stretched her lips before adding, "I might need to trouble you further to continue this acting before my father and make him think that we're really together."

Qin Yinan nodded after a long silence, saying, "I promise you."

Song Qingchun's mood was so bad that she did not think she could function at work. However, staying at home only made her feel worse, so the next morning, she called her company to ask for a week-long holiday, and that afternoon, she was on a plane to Japan.