Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 543

Chapter 543: An Impromptu Journey 7
Chapter 543: An Impromptu Journey (7)
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Song Qingchun stayed in Japan for half a month. The whole time she was there, she cut off all connection to Beijing; her phone was switched off the whole time.

She went from Hokkaido to Fuji Mountain, then from Fuji Mountain to Osaka, then moved onto Kyoto before ending up in Tokyo. She experienced many interesting and happy things along the way.

While taking the spring bath at Hokkaido, she found a girl who was in a situation similar to her. They bonded over their shared pain and became fast friends. They were both there alone to find a little distance from the past. They travelled together for three days, and on their last night together, both girls got wasted at a local bar. With faltering steps, they walked to the Hokkaido seaside, and in her drunken state, her new friend started yelling her lost love's name at the wide open sea.

Influenced by the emotions of the moment, she followed suit. She knew Su Zhinian, who was way back at Beijing, couldn't hear her, but she still shouted in the general direction of Beijing at the top of her lungs, "Su Zhinian, I love you" and "Su Zhinian, I hate you" many times. Eventually, they broke down in each other's arms and cried. That night, the girl told Song Qingchun the sad state of her romance, and Song Qingchun did the same. Ever since she swallowed that pill, Song Qingchun had been having daily nightmares, but that night, she had a restful sleep for the first time in a long time.

When she was at Fuji Mountain, she was approached by an American gentleman. He asked her out to dinner, and she did not reject him. She told him upfront that she wasn't looking for a romantic relationship, but he wasn't offended, and thus, they became friends. After dinner, he asked her for a dance and gave her a bouquet of roses, which she accepted with a smile.

When she was at Osaka, she stumbled across a wallet on the street. Using the information inside the wallet, she managed to seek out the owner. To show her his appreciation, he gifted her a wonderful handcrafted bracelet.

When she was in Tokyo, she came across a group of Chinese tourists doing line dancing. She stopped to look until eventually a kind mother dragged her to join them. Song Qingchun was a natural dancer, and she had great fun dancing with the group of Chinese tourists. It was not until sunset that they parted, and Song Qingchun hugged each of them goodbye.

On her trip, she tried her best to enjoy the wonderful scenery and food, even though she was still struggling with the pain even though she would still occasionally be reminded of his cruelty even though she would still dream about him to a point where she would wake up with tears on her face. However, as the trip wore on, the level of sadness gradually but surely decreased, giving space for happiness to fill her life. When she reached her last stop in Tokyo, she was feeling much better; she was feeling herself again.

Japan was famous for their make-up industry, so the first thing she did when she arrived at Tokyo was visit the shopping malls.

She chose to have her purchases delivered to her home, and to fill in the information, she had to turn on her phone.

This was the first time she had used her phone since she arrived in Japan, and the phone rang for five minutes straight before it finally stopped.

There were more than 999 WhatsApp messages and more than 99 missed calls.