Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 547

Chapter 547: Take Care Of You For Life 1
Chapter 547: Take Care of You for Life (1)
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The plan landed safely at Beijing International Airport at 3 pm.

Song Qingchun dragged her luggage and waited in the taxi line for about twenty minutes before she got into one. When the familiar sights of Beijing city appeared before her, her heart still rocked slightly.

Twenty days had passed, and she returned to this city where she had put her memories to rest once more. She was now prepared to be nothing more than strangers with him.

Song Qingchun pulled out her phone inside the taxi and switched it on. Similar to the time in Japan, it started ringing non-stop.

The number of messages was still ridiculously high. She was going to scan through them when she saw there were more than 99 messages from Qin Yinan. Song Qingchun frowned as she scrolled through them. At the very bottom, she saw one of the messages. "Song Song, call me immediately when you see this message. Uncle Song suddenly fainted this morning, and he's now in the hospital."

Song Qingchun started to panic and immediately called Qin Yinan. The phone rang once before it was picked up. Before Qin Yinan could say anything, Song Qingchun asked hastily, "Brother Yinan, how is my father doing?"

"Still unconscious" Qin Yinan was afraid that Song Qingchun might get unnecessarily worried, so he immediately comforted her after bringing her up to date on her father's condition. "Don't worry, I'm at the hospital, and the doctors are watching over him; he'll be fine."

"Which hospital?"

Qin Yinan gave the name, and Song Qingchun hung up immediately before he could finish. Then she told the driver, "Sir, take me to Hospital XX instead. Thank you."

When Song Qingchun arrived at the hospital, Song Menghwa had already been released from surgery.

He was lying in his sickbed, and if not for the rise and fall of his chest, one might have thought that he had truly passed away.

The attending physician told her that Song Menghwa was in a critical condition. Even though they had stabilized him, it was another issue whether he would wake up or not. This might just be his eternal slumber.

Song Qingchun almost fainted when she heard that. Thankfully, Qin Yinan, who had been staying at the hospital, reached out to hold her.

Song Qingchun did not return home and stayed at the hospital. Qin Yinan stayed with her to keep her company. When midnight arrived, Song Qingchun asked him to go home.

Qin Yinan could not argue with her, and after making her promise multiple times that she would call him should she need help, he left the hospital.

Song Menghwa did not wake up, and Song Qingchun did not sleep the whole night.

It was not until 10 am the next morning that Song Menghwa finally woke up.

Song Qingchun, who had been in a state throughout the night, broke down and cried when she saw her father's eyes flit open. She merely managed to get one word, "Dad", out before her emotions overwhelmed her.

Song Menghwa, who had just woken up, was incredibly tired. He tried his best to raise his hand to touch his daughter's head, and he wanted to say something to console her, but someone knocked on the door.

Song Qingchun wiped her tears and stood up.

She assumed it was either Fang Rou or Qin Yinan because no one else would visit so early in the morning.

To her surprise, it was Su Zhinian standing behind the door.