Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 548

Chapter 548: Take Care Of You For Life 2
Chapter 548: Take Care of You for Life (2)
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Song Qingchun was startled. Su Zhinian stood before her with boxes of nutritional pills in his left arm while his right was placed leisurely in his pocket. He was wearing a fitting black dress shirt, which amplified his sense of elegance and overall attraction.

Su Zhinian appeared much more in control than Song Qingchun was. He did not get stumped like she did, and his facial expression betrayed nothing. In a light tone, he explained, "I'm here to pay Uncle Song a visit."

Song Qingchun was pulled back from her shock and immediately averted her eyes away from Su Zhinian's face. She responded with a murmur but didn't move.

Song Qingchun blocked the door with her whole frame, and Su Zhinian couldn't get in, so they simply stood in that position for a long time.

Still lying in bed, unable to move much, Song Menghwa was curious about the lack of activity and his missing daughter, so he called out in a hoarse and weakened voice, "Qingchun, who is it?"

When Song Qingchun heard her father, she jumped two steps back like she was jolted by electricity. Su Zhinian took his step into the room. When he brushed past Song Qingchun, the girl's hand subconsciously went to grip at her clothes.

"It's you, Zhinian. Come, take a seat" Song Qingchun was also surprised that Su Zhinian would come to pay him a visit, but there was an obvious cheer in his voice. After greeting Su Zhinian, he told Song Qingchun, "Qingchun, quick get Zhinian a glass of water."

"I know," Song Qingchun answered. Then she took a deep breath before walking back into the room. When she was standing in front of the water machine, she leaned her ear closer to the bed to listen to their conversation. "Uncle Song, how are you feeling?"

"Old disease, I'll survive."

When Song Qingchun turned around with the glass of water, she saw Su Zhinian place the boxes of nutritional pills on the bedside table.

"You shouldn't have brought those things; I'd be glad even if you came empty-handed."

Song Menghwa wanted to sit up, but his recently recovered body was too weak for him to be able to do even that. Su Zhinian saw this and quickly reached out to help Song Menghwa.

He searched for two soft pillows to put behind Song Menghwa's back before replying, "I happened to pass a supermarket on the way over and went in to buy some."

Song Menghwa chuckled and pointed at the chair that Song Qingchun had been sitting in while she held vigil beside him and told Su Zhinian, "Come, please take a seat."

Su Zhinian accepted the invitation with ease and grace.

Song Menghwa then turned to Song Qingchun, who was sitting beside his bed. "What are you doing standing there with the cup in your hand?"

Song Qingchun took a small step toward Su Zhinian and passed him the cup with her head lowered.

"Thank you," Su Zhinian said officially as he reached out to take the water. Song Qingchun did not say anything in return. The moment the cup left her hands, Song Qingchun quickly jumped back.

There was only one chair in the room, and since it was occupied by Su Zhinian, Song Qingchun could only stand.

There was no valid reason she could give to leave the room, so with no other choice, she could only walk over to the window furthest away from Su Zhinian and stand there.

Other than that "I know" that she had used to reply to her father, Song Qingchun hadn't uttered a word since Su Zhinian walked into the room.

The whole room was filled with the sound of conversation between Song Menghwa and Su Zhinian.