Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 55

Chapter 55: The Person Hiding In My Memory 5
Chapter 55: The Person Hiding in My Memory (5)
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As Song Qingchun walked into the elevator, before the door even closed, a message alert sounded from her phone. It was from Qin Yinan. 'Song Song, I am sorry, but something came up. I might not be able to go fetch you; can you please go wait for me at the Beijing Hotel? I have made the reservation so just use my name, I will be there at around 1 pm.'

There was no signal in the elevator, so when Song Qingchun got out on the first floor, she replied Qin Yinan an ok emoji. After she left her company, she hailed a taxi to go to the Beijing Hotel.

The traffic was clear, but since Song Qingchun's company was quite far away from the Beijing Hotel, when she arrived, it was already 12.40 pm.

A waiter approached her to ask for her reservation as she entered the lobby. Song Qingchun gave Qin Yinan's name and the waiter took her up to a room on the third floor. After pouring her a glass of tea, the waiter asked in a respectful tone, "Miss, do you wish to order now?"

Song Qingchun shook her head. "Later."

"I understand." The waiter bowed politely as he retreated out of the room. 1 pm soon arrived, but Qin Yinan was still nowhere to be seen. Song Qingchun did not call to rush him but patiently watched the television while waiting for him to arrive.

It was 1.30 pm when the waiter arrived knocked on the door and enquired politely, "Miss, I am sorry but when will your friend be coming? Do you wish to order while waiting for them?"

Song Qingchun only then realized it was past the time Qin Yinan had promised her. She signaled for the waiter to wait for a moment as she pulled out her phone to call Qin Yinan. It kept ringing, but no one picked it up. Song Qingchun frowned and tried calling again. It was the same. She smiled apologetically at the waiter and said, "Can I wait for a while longer?"

The waiter nodded with a patient smile and left the room.

Song Qingchun waited for Qin Yinan to contact her back, but there was nothing. Finally, she called him for the third time, and still, there was no answer. Worried, she sent him a message, but like throwing a pebble into the ocean, there was no reply.

The kitchen staff at Beijing Hotel had their afternoon break at 2 pm, so when it was almost two, the waiter once more poked his head in to ask Song Qingchun whether she wanted to make her order or not.

Song Qingchun was still unable to contact Qin Yinan. Suppressing the anxiety in her heart, she ordered a few of his favorite dishes. It took less than half an hour for all the food to be served, and there was still no news from Qin Yinan.

Song Qingchun sat in the room alone staring at the whole table of food. She did not once lift her chopsticks but instead would pick up her phone to give Qin Yinan another call.

Song Qingchun still could not reach Qin Yinan. She started to get really worried, wondering whether some accident had befallen him.

The food had started to go cold, and there was still no Qin Yinan. Song Qingchun had lost count of the number of times she had called Qin Yinan. Finally, the phone was picked up, but before she could say anything, it was hung up. Song Qingchun tried calling again, but she got the operator telling her the number she had called was not in service.

Song Qingchun sat quietly alone in the large room facing the tableful of cold dishes.

Time ticked by, and before she realized, it was already 5 pm. There was still no trace of Qin Yinan.

At 5.10 pm, there was a message alert on Song Qingchun's phone. She grabbed it without hesitation. It was a media message. It was not from Qin Yinan, but it had plenty to do with Qin Yinan.