Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 550

Chapter 550: Take Care Of You For Life 4
Chapter 550: Take Care of You for Life (4)
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When they almost reached the elevator, Su Zhinian stopped and said, "Here is good enough."

Song Qingchun was confused for a moment before she realized what he was talking about. She nodded rather mechanically and uttered awkwardly, "Okay."

After some time, she added, "Thank you for paying my father a visit."

Su Zhinian didn't say anything, but he lowered his eyes to look at this tired-looking girl. He seemed to be struggling with something before turning his head away to look out the window at the Chinese Parasol trees with their almost empty branches. Eventually, he pulled his gaze back to say, "Don't mention it."

Then, Su Zhinian added, "Don't worry, Uncle Song will definitely be better."

Is he consoling me?

Looking in retrospect, the blame didn't completely fall on him for what happened that night. After all, he was drunk out of his mind, and she was the fully conscious one. When he kissed her, she could have shoved him away instead of reciprocating his advances.

It was she who had fallen in love with him and given him the opportunity to hurt her. However, that didn't take away from the damage of that box of morning-after pills and the words he had said to her. He had ruined many things inside her heart, like her confidence and courage

She found herself unable to get excited from his one-sentence of concern. In her mind, this sentence of consolation was merely perfunctory; he didn't mean much, if anything, by it.

Song Qingchun was at a loss; she didn't know what the proper way to respond was. She contemplated briefly before uttering another awkward, "Thank you."

Su Zhinian lowered his eyes to shield his thoughts from the world. After a minute, he said lightly, "Then, I'll be going."

"Hmm" Song Qingchun responded, still refusing to look him in the eye. "Goodbye."

Su Zhinian didn't say a word and stood for a while before her. Then, when the elevator arrived, he walked away.

Just as Su Zhinian walked into the elevator, Song Qingchun raised her head and called out, "Su"

She only uttered one word because she didn't know how to refer to him now. She bit on her lips awkwardly before adding, "Your secretary, Miss Cheng, contacted me earlier looking for you."

Even though she had rejected Cheng Qingchong's request on the phone, Song Qingchun would find herself thinking about whether he had returned to his company and whether Miss Cheng had managed to find him or not.

Despite these thoughts crowding her mind, she did not once reach for her phone to contact him, but since they had come across each other, she'd figured she would do Miss Cheng that favor.

"She said, you've not been going to the company, and there are many things that needed your approval." Song Qingchun relayed what Cheng Qingchong had told her to tell Su Zhinian.

Su Zhinian raised his head slightly and replied softly, "I understand."

Song Qingchun then went silent.

Su Zhinian paused for several seconds and didn't say anything until the elevator door closed.

Song Qingchun stood where she was for almost a minute. She turned to look out the window. Several seconds later, she could see Su Zhinian's back as he walked out of the building.

Song Qingchun watched him until he got into his car and drove away. Then, she lowered her eyes, turned around, and returned to her father.