Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 551

Chapter 551: Take Care Of You For Life 5
Chapter 551: Take Care of You for Life (5)
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Song Menghwa was already asleep when Song Qingchun returned. Song Qingchun pulled the pillows underneath his body out to make her father more comfortable. She slipped the cover over him and sat in the chair Su Zhinian had just vacated, spacing out as she stared at Song Menghwa.

When Qin Yinan picked his phone to scroll through his phone that afternoon, he noticed an activity update by Tang Nuan in his circle of friends.

"I'm getting engaged." It was a simple statement attached to a picture. In the picture, Tang Nuan was holding a giant rose bouquet, her smile as gorgeous as the flowers and the ring on her finger shining at the camera.

Even though he knew his relationship with her was all fake, this was someone who he had treated sincerely once, so when he received the message, his mind was blank for a few moments.

When Qin Yinan got off work at 7:30 pm, he did not return home but went to the hospital. When he arrived, it was already 9 pm, way past dinner time. Many visitors had already left to give the patients the opportunity to rest. The hospital was quiet.

The door to Song Menghwa's room was half open. Qin Yinan walked toward it, and before he announced himself, he could hear Song Menghwa's weakened voice and Song Qingchun's muffled crying coming from within.

"Qingchun, I won't be here forever; I know my body well. Even if I survive this ordeal, the next one will be just around the corner.

"One of these days, I will be gone, so when that day arrives, don't be sad. After all, a human's days are numbered."


"I know that you're afraid, I'm also afraid, afraid that once I'm gone, you'll be all alone in the world, and that's why I've been trying so hard to hang on

"I will try to be by your side as long as I can. Looking back, time flies; in just a blink of an eye, you're so big already

"I've had a fulfilling life, and the only thing that worries me now is you. It's my wish to see you find a good shoulder to lean on for life, to start your own family If no one is there to look after you, I don't think I can pass away in peace. If only Song Cheng was around he would definitely help me watch over you Alas, he"

At this point, Song Qingchun started to wail in earnest.

Qin Yinan swallowed deeply and slowly retreated back from the room. He even helped close the half-open door along the way.

He leaned against the wall of the corridor and could hear Song Qingchun's muffled crying drifting through the wall. For some reason, he started to think about the words that Song Menghwa had shared with him on the night he sent Song Qingchun home.

Initially, Song Menghwa had really been angry; however, all the things were sent crashing on the floor and none directed at him.

Eventually, the older man asked him to sit down and even served him a cup of tea as he told him many things about Song Qingchun. Some information he knew, some he didn't.

He told him about Song Qingchun's favorite food, her biggest fear, her emotional soft spots, her ambitions in life, and much more. At the end, Song Menghwa's tone became incredibly soft like he was pleading him, begging him to look after Song Qingchun, to not let any harm come to his precious daughter.