Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 553

Chapter 553: Take Care Of You For Life 7
Chapter 553: Take Care of You for Life (7)
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Qin Yinan turned around when he heard her footsteps. As his eyes landed on Tang Nuan, he nodded slightly, straightened up, and pointed at the empty chair opposite from him, telling her non-verbally to sit.

Qin Yinan was silent and so was Tang Nuan. She placed her clutch on the table before sitting down gracefully. Qin Yinan flagged down the waiter and passed Tang Nuan the menu in a gentlemanly manner. Tang Nuan flipped through the menu loosely and ordered herself a cup of cold milk tea.

Before, Qin Yinan would stop her whenever Tang Nuan ordered something cold. She was having her period that day, and she knew better than to order an iced drink, but she did that because she needed to get a reaction out of Qin Yinan.

However, after she made her order and the waiter confirmed it, Qin Yinan, who sat across from her, did not seem like he was going to intervene.

Qin Yinan did not even look at the menu and ordered a cup of coffee. After the waiter left, Qin Yinan put down the phone he was holding in his hand and leaned back in the chair. He stared at Tang Nuan and asked, "You're engaged?"

He is here for the engagement

Tang Nuan, who was feeling a bit angry due to Qin Yinan's lack of concern when she ordered the iced milk tea, released when she heard this question. She held Qin Yinan's eye contact, but instead of admitting to her engagement, she said, "Someone did propose to me."

Qin Yinan glanced at Tang Nuan and answered, "Congratulations."

Isn't he here to stop me from getting married? Why is he congratulating me?

An ominous feeling settled in Tang Nuan's stomach, and she frowned deeply. Perhaps it was fate, or maybe God was toying with her, but when that feeling appeared, the audio in the shop started playing a fitting song.

"Breakup happily, I wish you happiness;

"You can find an even better love"

Then, Qin Yinan opened his lips to say, "Tang Nuan, I came to find you today because I wish for us to have a concrete ending."

Tang Nuan's lips tensed. Qin Yinan knew this was a sign that she was unhappy, but he was no longer the foolish man he had once been, so he continued calmly. "After all, this has dragged on long enough, and it is time for us to call it quits."

Qin Yinan paused as if to think before saying seriously, "Tang Nuan, let's break up."

Tang Nuan was dazed. A few months ago, whenever she was riled up by the interaction between Song Qingchun and Qin Yinan, Qin Yinan would bend over backwards and call her every day to console her. It was not until Song Qingchun spotted her kissing another man at Eldorado that Qin Yinan stopped coming to look for her. That b*tch Song Qingchun told him about me?

Her expression turned ugly immediately. "Is it because Song Qingchun told you something about me?"

Qin Yinan answered instantly and without hesitation, "No."

His answer was so quick and ready that Tang Nuan could not shake the suspicion that Song Qingchun had indeed told him something. For some inexplicable reason, she started to get flustered, and without thinking about what she was doing, she started giving excuses. "Don't tell me that you would rather believe her than me? You've told me so many times that you love me, but you wouldn't even grant me the most basic of truths, so is this how hollow your love really is?"

"Love?" Qin Yinan chuckled like he had heard a joke. A condescending light was aglow in his eyes as he stared at Tang Nuan.