Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 554

Chapter 554: Take Care Of You For Life 8
Chapter 554: Take Care of You for Life (8)
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The condescension in his voice seemed more like it was meant for himself than for her. "That love was never yours to begin with, wasn't it?"

The one sentence from Qin Yinan caused Tang Nuan to freeze up.

That love was never mine to begin with? What does he mean by that? Could it be that he has found out about everything?

As if hearing the question in her mind, Qin Yinan explained calmly, "Tang Nuan, to tell you the truth, I have found out everything that I should know and things that I shouldn't know I've heard them and seen them in person. What am I to you but a tool to hurt Song Song? So ask yourself, is there even love between us to begin with? Even if I did once love you whole-heartedly, I cannot be together with you. Furthermore, the love that you've selfishly enjoyed throughout the years belonged to Song Song to begin with.

"Earlier, you accused me of trusting her and not trusting you. To tell you the truth, she didn't tell me anything; it was me who found out about everything. Regardless, even if I didn't find it out myself and it was her who told me, I would have believed her implicitly.

"There is no reason other than the fact that she truly cares for me, and I feel the same way toward her.

"The only reason I asked you out today is to break up with you in person. I don't want us to drag this out anymore.

"That's everything I want to say." Qin Yinan pulled out his wallet and placed a 100 RMB bank note on the table. "I need to go, goodbye."

Qin Yinan did not wait for his coffee to arrive and placed the note beneath the ashtray. Then, he stood up.

"Qin Yinan!" Tang Nuan sprang up from her seat as well.

As if deaf, Qin Yinan grabbed his phone and keys off the table and prepared to leave.

"Qin Yinan!" Tang Nuan's shout this time was super loud, causing the whole room of people to look their way. Qin Yinan ignored the woman, pushed the door open, and walked out without turning around.

"Qin Yinan!" Tang Nuan stomped on her feet and yelled his name at the top of her lungs, but the man had gotten into his car and could not even hear her.

At that moment, the waiter came over with the tray. "Miss, your iced milk tea and coffee."

In her rage, Tang Nuan reached out to grab the drinks and slammed them on the floor.


As if knowing what the waiter was going to say, with shaking hands, she dropped several 100 RMB notes on the table, hissing, "Enough?"

The waiter did not say anything as he collected the money and left.

Tang Nuan slumped back in the chair weakly. Staring at the seat Qin Yinan had just vacated, hatred and anger bubbled up within her.

Song Qingchun This is all Song Qingchun's fault. It was her who caused Su Zhinian to slap me six years ago, and now, it is again this b*tch's fault for causing Qin Yinan to break up with me I will never forgive her!

Tang Nuan gritted her teeth in anger, and her whole body started to shake.

After Qin Yinan dealt with Tang Nuan, he returned to the hospital. Song Menghwa had just finished his drip and was sleeping.

He accompanied Song Qingchun until the next morning when he left.

After leaving the hospital block, Qin Yinan did not hurry to get into his car. Instead, he leaned against it, and after some thought, he pulled out his phone.