Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 555

Chapter 555: Take Care Of You For Life 9
Chapter 555: Take Care of You for Life (9)
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As if dealing with troublesome thoughts, Qin Yinan kept switching his phone on and off, causing the display to flicker incessantly. Qin Yinan did not know how many times he repeated this action before he swiped his phone open and clicked onto his WhatsApp chat with Song Qingchun. He sent her a message. "Sleeping?"

After half a minute, the reply came. "Not yet"

The screen showed "The other person is currently typing", but Qin Yinan did not wait for her message to come, calling her directly. Song Qingchun picked it up almost the very second the call was made.

Through the phone, Qin Yinan could hear the shuffling of Song Qingchun's footsteps and the door being opened and closed, before Song Qingchun said, "What's up, Brother Yinan?"

"Song Song" Qin Yinan had thought about coming clean with Tang Nuan, and he did, but he had never once thought about doing that with Song Qingchun. He knew about the years she had spent crushing on him, but he promised himself, if she did not bring it up, he would continue to pretend he did not know anything about it.

Even though he knew of her rocky relationship with Su Zhinian, she being the one interested in him but not the other way around, he still did not share the truth her. Even at this moment, after hearing what Song Menghwa told him and her, even if he really wanted to be her shoulder to her to rely on, it did not cross his mind to tell her the truth.

The reason was simple; he did not want to place extra pressure on the girl whose heart was already focused on someone else. Furthermore, considering everything that had happened between them, she still had not told him about her crush on him; this meant that she still valued their friendship.

He had once made her a promise. May you hold my hand in love and companionship, but may good fortune hold yours in parting and solitude.

That was a promise he was willing to fulfil.

Therefore, even though he meant every single one of his words, he expressed them in a way that sounded like he was merely doing her a friendly favor. "Uncle Song's health is deteriorating, and he probably wants you to find your own home as soon as possible. Earlier, you asked for my help to act alongside you. Now, I'm calling you to say, if you need me, I can take care of you for life."

Even though he sounded clean and crisp on the phone, she did not know that he only managed to say that after he cleared up his relationship problems with Tang Nuan. Song Qingchun knew what he meant.

Actually, that night, her father had once again told her many things, and the inherent meaning was he wished for her to get married to Qin Yinan as soon as possible.

She played dumb throughout the night, and Song Menghwa smiled but did not spell it out.

Now that Qin Yinan had volunteered his help, she could have accepted it easily to make her father happy. Furthermore, Su Zhinian had rejected her so cruelly and adamantly already, so there was no reason for her to reserve any hope on that front. However, her heart still screamed no

Therefore, in the end, she still rejected Qin Yinan in a roundabout way. "Thank you for your offer, Brother Yinan. If I really need it, I will tell you."

The stage of Su Zhinian and Song Qingchun had reached such a stage that even Song Qingchun herself did not think it was possible between them anymore. The only reason she rejected Qin Yinan's help was because she could not convince herself yet.

However, one week later, something occurred that caused her to end up at Su Zhinian's bungalow and happen upon a startling discovery.