Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 556

Chapter 556: Take Care Of You For Life 10
Chapter 556: Take Care of You for Life (10)
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Well, three discoveries to be precise.

The situation happened shortly after Song Qingchun's holiday was over, on the fourth night after she returned to work at Station TW. Early that morning, the northern wind swept through Beijing, causing the temperature in the city to drop several degrees in just a few short hours.

When Song Qingchun left the hospital that morning, she took a detour home to grab a light yet warm feather blanket for Song Menghwa before rushing to her company.

That afternoon, Song Qingchun happened to run into Su Zhinian at the entrance to City Clubhouse. It was due to work that she was there. She had a document that she urgently needed to give to the station manager, who was there.

City Clubhouse was a famed clubhouse in Beijing, and it was VIP only. During Song Empire's financial crisis, Song Qingchun had unsubscribed to all her VIP memberships, so she was not allowed entry. The only thing she could do was give her station manager a call while she waited inside the car.

After ten minutes, Song Qingchun saw the manager come out of the elevator through the windscreen and City Clubhouse's glass window. She quickly put her phone away and rushed out of the car with the document in her hand.

When she had almost reached the entrance steps, the manager was already out the door. Song Qingchun was waving at him when a car slowly crawled to a stop at City Clubhouse's entrance, blocking her and her boss.

The valet seemed to know the car, because as it stopped, he went respectfully forward to open the car door and bowed. "Mr. Su, welcome."

Mr. Su Before Song Qingchun's brain could register the identity of this Mr. Su, her head turned subconsciously to look, and Su Zhinian got out from the car with ease and grace.

He closed the door behind him and tossed the car key at the valet while smoothing down his suit, which had crinkled from driving in the car.

He was in the middle of doing that when he noticed her. He raised his eyes slowly and glanced at the girl who was at the bottom of the steps. He fixed his tie and whispered his room number to the valet before walking around the car and heading into City Clubhouse.

"Qingchun?" As the valet drove Su Zhinian's car away, the station manager's voice drifted over from the entrance.

Song Qingchun recovered and rushed up the stairs toward the station manager, saying, "Sir, this is the information you"

Through the revolving door, Song Qingchun saw Su Zhinian inside City Clubhouse's lobby with one hand in his pocket, talking on the phone. Behind him was a colorful tapestry with floral motifs. The gorgeous background complemented his handsome face perfectly.

Song Qingchun was subconsciously fazed when the scene hit her. However, she quickly pulled her gaze away as she finished the sentence. "need."

The station manager accepted the document. He flipped through it to make sure no major mistakes jumped out at him before giving Song Qingchun a few simple orders and leaving.