Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 558

Chapter 558: Tsundere Su 2
Chapter 558: Tsundere Su (2)
Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

Another ear-splitting scream came, and it caused Song Qingchun's body to shiver. From the bloody gashes on the girl's perfectly made-up face, she believed that Su Zhinian had not held back. Perhaps Su Zhinian's presence was too impressive that the many waiters and security guards around him did not dare step forward to stop him.

Ignoring the girl's cries for help, Su Zhinian took one step forward with a drawn face. He looked down at the girl who had her palm clamped over her mouth to muffle her crying. He then bent over slightly, and his lips moved.

Due to the distance between them, Song Qingchun could not hear what he said. However, she did see him straighten up after he finished and pull out a stack of cash to slap the girl on her face before walking away with the phone to his ear. He reverted to his usual aloof self as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened as he walked toward the elevator.

Su Zhinian discovered Song Qingchun's car when he was driving toward City Clubhouse. He didn't follow her, but he really did have some business to attend to at City Clubhouse; however, the whole phone call was indeed only for show.

While he was "on the phone", the person he had dealings with at City Clubhouse had given him multiple calls. He was to return after Song Qingchun passed the stuff over to her boss, but as he turned to leave to take the elevator, Song Qingchun accidentally walked into another person.

The girl was truly clumsy. In classic Song Qingchun fashion, she only made things worse by backing off and knocking into the trashcan. At the time, his attention had shifted completely onto Song Qingchun. He instinctively moved toward the entrance, but he only took two steps when the valet reached out for Song Qingchun.

He thought this was over, and the person he was supposed to meet with was giving him another call. However, when he turned to walk toward the elevator, he heard the grumbling of the girl who Song Qingchun had knocked into from the entrance.

"There are crazies everywhere these days. Don't you know how to use your eyes when walking? Disgusting floozy"

He turned around subconsciously and saw the preening girl walk into the lobby while Song Qingchun's face was bright as a tomato.

The girl's phone suddenly rang. She picked it up, and the other person sounded like her partner because Su Zhinian heard a male voice call her "baby". Like a machine gun, she started to unload on her significant other. "Honey, you won't believe how unlucky I am. I was stepped on the toe by a b*tch earlier; it freaking hurts. The new Burberry I bought from England is completely ruined Such bad luck If not for my good mood today, I would have made her bend over to wipe the shoes clean for me"

When those degrading words drilled into Su Zhinian's ears, his temper was lit up like a match to a pool of oil. Without thinking, he turned around and stalked toward the girl. When he walked past her, he reached out his leg to trip her, and the phone in her hand flew out and landed on the floor heavily, cracking the screen.

Following her scream, expletives slipped from her lips.