Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 559

Chapter 559: Tsundere Su 3
Chapter 559: Tsundere Su (3)
Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

After cursing the woman he had been protecting, she still wanted to curse him?

Then again, he probably would not have been so angry if she had only cursed him, but cursing the most important woman in his life? No, that was an offense he would not stomach no matter what.

Therefore, when the beginning of the word "f*ck" left the woman's mouth, he grabbed the roses beside him and flicked it furiously on her face. Staring at the blood that trickled down her face, he dropped a sentence that did not sound like he was one bit repentant. "Sorry, I happen to be one of those crazies."

When the girl heard him say that, her face was twisted from anger, and with a choking voice, she screamed, "I will call the cops; someone call the cops!"

Call the cops?

He had been dragged into jail because he beat someone until he was lying unconscious at the hospital for Song Qingchun, so he was not threatened in any way.

Su Zhinian laughed like he had heard a wonderful joke. Not at all worried about her threat, he bent closer to the girl and said in a light, breezy tone, "Do you know their number? It's 110."

Then, he straightened up. With condescension in his eyes, he pulled a stack of bills out from his pocket and slapped it on her face before making to leave. As if struck by inspiration, he turned back around to look down at her, adding, "Use this to buy yourself a new phone to call the cops."

After saying that, the fire inside Su Zhinian's heart felt much smaller. He raised his phone to apologize to the person on the other end as he walked toward the elevator.

Sitting in the private room at City Clubhouse, Su Zhinian turned his head to watch Song Qingchun get into her car that was parked by the roadside. The car slowly drove away, and Su Zhinian's eyes trailed the shadow of the car until it disappeared among the busy traffic.

He stayed at City Clubhouse until 5 pm when Su Zhinian received a call from Cheng Qingchong reminding him that he had a dinner meeting at Beijing Hotel later that night. He stayed for another five minutes after hanging up before bidding his farewell. When he arrived at Beijing Hotel, Cheng Qingchong was already waiting for him in the lobby.

When she saw him, she instantly walked over to greet him. After he nodded, she fell into position behind him and reminded him about the people who would be there at the dinner. Most of them were regular business partners, but there was one CEO Huang from some Jin Rong Company that he was not familiar with. However, this CEO Huang was also the latest to arrive at the meeting.

When CEO Huang was led into the room by the waiter, Su Zhinian was playing on his phone with his head lowered. The host of the dinner introduced them, and Su Zhinian politely put down his phone to nod at CEO Huang. Just as he was going to return to his phone, he frowned and raised his eyes again to look in CEO Huang's direction.

However, he was not looking at CEO Huang but the woman accompanying him.

She smiled gracefully beside CEO Huang and was shaking hands with the host of the dinner. "Nice to meet you, CEO Zheng, my name is Tang Nuan."