Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 560

Chapter 560: Tsundere Su 4
Chapter 560: Tsundere Su (4)
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Su Zhinian's gaze did not settle on Tang Nuan for more than a second before he went back to his phone. He swiped through his phone with ease, but internally, he was getting increasingly disgusted by the dinner.

Su Zhinian was already a man of few words at such dinners, but with Tang Nuan there, he was practically a man of zero words.

After a few rounds of drinks, the atmosphere around table started to loosen, and the other guests started to relax. When Tang Nuan came over to share a glass of wine with CEO Zheng, she sat not far away from Su Zhinian, so she unconsciously turned to look his way.

In the room filled with depravity, Su Zhinian leaned quietly against the sofa, playing on his phone, like a pure lotus rising through the mud. Under the refraction of the chandelier, his perfect features caused her heart to palpitate and her breath to catch.

Tang Nuan stared at Su Zhinian for a long time before clinking her glass with CEO Zheng. She downed the glass and purposely took a long detour around Su Zhinian to return to her seat.

After she sat down, she pulled out her phone, pretending to look at the time, while her eyes kept glancing Su Zhinian's way. There were no obvious changes in Su Zhinian's expression, but it was as if he knew she was checking him out because in less than a minute, he stood up and left the room.

Su Zhinian went to the toilet and stood at the window at the end of the corridor to feel the chilling wind on his face. After realizing he could not be out there anymore without seeming disrespectful, he returned to the room.

The people in the room were even more drunk compared to how they were when he left. A few of them were talking at such a high volume that one could easily mistake them to be in the middle of an argument.

Su Zhinian pulled the chair out, and before he could sit comfortably, CEO Zheng said, "CEO Su, if I'm not mistaken you graduated from X High, right?"

Su Zhinian did not know what kind of conversation they were having while he was outside, so when he heard the question from CEO Zheng, he turned toward him and nodded slightly.

"Then, this is such a coincidence because Miss Tang, who CEO Huang brought along, also graduated from X High! So, you two are high school alumni. You two are so fated, wouldn't you agree?" Listening to the excitement in CEO Zheng's voice, one would think it was him who found his high school alumni.

Fated with Tang Nuan? CEO Zheng must be kidding.

Su Zhinian averted his gaze from CEO Zheng, leaned back in his chair, and picked up his phone to exclude himself from the conversation.

However, since CEO Zheng had opened that can of worms, it was beyond Su Zhinian's control now.

"That is indeed such a coincidence. Then, this means that Miss Tang knew CEO Su when you were in high school?"

Tang Nuan smiled brightly and said, "No one didn't know CEO Su at X High. CEO Su was our school symbol."

"Of course, CEO Su would be a level above the rest even at a young age." Someone immediately made use of the opportunity to butter up to Su Zhinian.

"Then, I'm sure CEO Su had quite a number of girls pursuing him in high school, right?" There had to be a busybody at such an occasion.

"You're wrong there. It was not quite a number; practically all the girls at school treated him like their prince in shining armor" Tang Nuan glanced toward Su Zhinian, and after noticing his lack of reaction, as if he didn't mind the discussion at his expense, she smiled and continued. "Whenever Valentines or Christmas arrived, CEO Su's drawer and locker would be filled with so many presents and letters that they spilled out onto the floor."