Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 561

Chapter 561: Tsundere Su 5
Chapter 561: Tsundere Su (5)
Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

"So, did CEO Su accept any one of them?"

"You'll have to ask CEO Su." Tang Nuan could not remember the last time she managed to have such friendly conversation in Su Zhinian's presence. Ever since high school graduation, they had become planets on different orbits.

The few times she had managed to see him were because of Song Qingchun. He was her biggest pain and her biggest dream. Even after so many years, she would still dream about him late at night. Therefore, there were no words to describe how excited she was to see him at the dinner. She had been looking for an opportunity to say hi to him or talk to him, but there had been no opening.

When she heard someone ask that question, she decided to jump on it. Following the question, she turned toward Su Zhinian and said with a brilliant smile on her face, "CEO Su, they're asking whether you were in any relationships during high school."

Su Zhinian continued playing on his phone like he could not hear Tang Nuan. His face was unmoved, and thus, he ignored Tang Nuan's words.

Everyone was interested in Su Zhinian's private life, so when Tang Nuan started talking about her high school experience with Su Zhinian, she had the room's rapt attention. Therefore, Su Zhinian's silence cast a total damper over the room's atmosphere.

Thankfully, they were used to his aloof personality, so after two minutes of silence, someone quickly jumped in to salvage the situation. "CEO Su and Miss Tang were high school friends, and it is indeed rare for them to meet so many years later. This is a wonderful reunion, and Miss Tang and CEO Su should drink on it."

"Yes, yes, you're right, drink on it." Someone concurred, and others already called for the waiter to refill their glasses.

Noticing the atmosphere in the room, CEO Huang turned toward Tang Nuan and whispered, "Go share a drink with CEO Su."

This was Tang Nuan's biggest dream, and now she had the whole room behind her, so she stood up slowly with the glass in her hand and sauntered toward Su Zhinian.

When she reached Su Zhinian's side, before she could say anything, Su Zhinian suddenly put away his phone and turned to talk to Cheng Qingchong sitting beside him in a very low voice. Then, Cheng Qingchong leaned into his ear to reply with a very long sentence.

Tang Nuan stood there awkwardly with the glass in her hand. When Su Zhinian finally finished talking with Cheng Qingchong, Tang Nuan plastered on a smile and said, "CEO Su, here's to"

Before Tang Nuan could finish, Su Zhinian suddenly clapped his hands like an idea had just come to mind, so he turned to whisper to Cheng Qingchong again.

Everyone in the room knew Su Zhinian was purposely and openly ignoring Tang Nuan.

Of course, Tang Nuan knew this as well. She stood awkwardly to the side, and her smile was slowly slipping.

After five minutes, Su Zhinian finally finished the conversation with Cheng Qingchun. As if finally realizing someone was standing beside him, he turned around to glance at Tang Nuan before reaching his hand out to grab the glass of wine on the table.

When she saw this, Tang Nuan thought he was finally going to acknowledge her invitation, and the bad mood that had collected over her heart parted like the Red Sea before Moses.

"CEO Su, I"