Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 562

Chapter 562: Tsundere Su 6
Chapter 562: Tsundere Su (6)
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This time, Tang Nuan only managed to get a few words out before Su Zhinian raised his glass to Cheng Qingchong. He told her something, and Cheng Qingchong nodded, accepted the wine glass, walked to CEO Zhang, and said with a smile, "CEO Zhang, CEO Su wishes for me to share this glass with you to celebrate the happy cooperation between our company and yours."

The smile froze on Tang Nuan's lips.

So she had mistaken his intention or rather Su Zhinian had purposely done that to make her look bad. He had purposely glanced at her to make sure she misunderstood before setting her out to dry in shame.

If Su Zhinian's earlier action was not clear enough that he was purposely ignoring Tang Nuan, then this action delivered that message loud and clear!

Everyone who was at the dinner was a people person, so everything that was left unsaid didn't escape anyone's detection. Tang Nuan could feel the room's gaze on her. There were different thoughts behind each gaze; some were confused, others were interested, and the rest were there to savor the drama.

Tang Nuan's grip on the wine glass tightened.

She had suffered so much humiliation at his hands, but she refused to learn the lesson, willingly finding trouble time after time. She should have known based on the depth of his love toward Song Qingchun. When she abandoned Song Qingchun at the night club so many years ago, he had been quite clear about his resentment toward her. Even after so many years, he still hadn't forgiven her.

Actually, she knew him better than he gave her credit for. She knew he wasn't one to hold onto old grudges because he believed that would only eat up his precious energy; however, she was his only exception because it was related to Song Qingchun.

At this point, the images from a few days ago when Qin Yinan dumped her appeared in her mind and her breath started to become abnormal.

Song Qingchun, this is all Song Qingchun's fault.

Song Qingchun was like a curse that haunted her for life.

But no matter, because after tonight, Song Qingchun will be over.

Su Zhinian noticed Tang Nuan's refusal to leave his side, and he frowned. Disgusted to the stage of refusing to even share a word with her, Su Zhinian kicked the chair out underneath him, stood up, and prepared to find himself another seat.

Behind Su Zhinian was the wall, and Tang Nuan had blocked half of his way. When he walked past her, even though he wanted to maintain as large a distance as possible, he still brushed up against her clothes, and her internal thoughts drifted into his mind. But no matter, because after tonight, Song Qingchun will be over

The simple sentence caused Su Zhinian to freeze in his steps.

Tang Nuan did not notice that Su Zhinian had stopped beside her. Her eyes that looked out the window turned cold following her chilling thoughts.

That night, Song Qingchun was scheduled by the station manager to interview a male celebrity at Eldorado. The celebrity was a famed womanizer and would often force himself on women because his powerful family would silence those women on his behalf.

Tang Nuan had once helped this celebrity when he was on his way up, so when she found out through the company grapevine that Song Qingchun was interviewing him that night, she reached out to him to have him ruin Song Qingchun.