Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 563

Chapter 563: Tsundere Su (7)
Chapter 563: Tsundere Su (7)
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Ruin Song Qingchun?

When Su Zhinian read these words from Tang Nuan's heart, he frowned instantly.

She found a male celebrity to ruin Song Qingchun? How?

Before Su Zhinian could come up with an answer, Tang Nuan's heart already provided him with one.

The easiest way to ruin a woman completely was to take away her purity, to force her to live with endless shame. Of course, she knew Song Qingchun would not allow the man to do anything he wanted without fighting back, but it would not matter because the man had ways to make her submit. The most straight-forward solution was a date rape drug.

Of course, the male celebrity did not agree to do this without asking for something in return. Tang Nuan promised that after the event was over, she would manufacture more headlines for him, but she knew one of the bigger reasons the man agreed so easily was because Song Qingchun was a beauty.

Date rape?

Su Zhinian stood there brooding; his face was still as aloof and cold as before, but there was a fiendishness growing at the bottom of his eyes.

Tang Nuan planned to 'ruin Song Qingchun' by having a man rape Song Qingchun?

The hands that were hanging by Su Zhinian's side had started to shake uncontrollably.

Tang Nuan, who had no clue her own thoughts had been exposed and read, was so immersed in the wickedness of her plan that her mouth curved into a chilling smile.

It's almost 9 pm. Song Qingchun's interview with the man was scheduled at 8 pm, so by now, the plan should be well on the way already.

Or has it already started? Maybe Song Qingchun has drunk the drugged alcohol and is being dragged out of Eldorado by the man. Or perhaps Song Qingchun is already all naked, drugged out of her mind, and the man is currently having his way with her.

That b*tch has always seen herself as above me, hasn't she? Perfect. After tonight, I do want to see how she dares show her face around me anymore. Both Su Zhinian and Qin Yinan like her, right? I do want to see how those two men are going to pretend like nothing has ever happened and continue to protect her like some kind of treasure after tonight!

Wait, the man has a group of pals that he hangs out with who participate in his womanizing activity. I should have asked him to bring his gang all around tonight.

The thought of Song Qingchun being ravaged by a group of nasty men caused so much excitement within Tang Nuan that a gloating, self-satisfied low chuckle escaped from her turned-up lips.

However, the moment that breath of air escaped from her mouth, Su Zhinian, who was standing beside her, took a sudden step back to raise his hand and swipe it heavily across her face.