Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 564

Chapter 564: Tsundere Su (8)
Chapter 564: Tsundere Su (8)
Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

The force of the slap was so strong that Tang Nuan was sent flying into the chair beside them. The edge of the chair jabbed into her waist, and the pain caused tears to come to her eyes instantly. The whole room's attention immediately turned their way.

Before anyone realized what was happening, with a crazily tense energy billowing around him, Su Zhinian pulled Tang Nuan up by her hair and sent another powerful face at her face. This slap was even stronger than the one preceding it.

Tang Nuan felt her ears ringing with pain before she realized her body had crash-landed on the dining table. The plates and the dishes were sent flying all over the place, causing everyone to come to and jump up from their seats.

"CEO Su, what's going on?"

"CEO Su, please use your words. After all, Miss Tang is a lady; violence is not the solution."

"CEO Su" Even Cheng Qingchong, who had just shared a drink with CEO Zhang, could not help but call out his name.

However, these voices of concern only riled Su Zhinian up even more. His eyes were raging red, and without thinking about the consequences, he raised his leg and kicked Tang Nuan right in her stomach. Tang Nuan grimaced from extreme pain, and trails of blood were leaking out of the corner of her mouth.

"Su Zhinian, this is my woman; even if there is anything disagreeable between the both of you, you cannot do this" CEO Huang, who had brought Tang Nuan along, was close to calling it quits.

Su Zhinian ignored CEO Huang completely. He glared viciously at Tang Nuan, whose face was so bloodied and bruised that her face could not be recognized anymore. However, he showed no sign of slowing; he even grabbed the wine bottle nearby, aiming to swing it at Tang Nuan's head.

"CEO Su!" When Cheng Qingchong saw this, she swallowed her sense of fear and rushed forward to grab Su Zhinian's arm. "CEO Su, you'll kill her!"

"Let go!" Su Zhinian roared as he swung Cheng Qingchong off. Cheng Qingchong faltered several steps back and knocked into the wall. Ignoring the pain from her back, she rushed forward to stop Su Zhinian again.

However, no matter how fast she was, she was not faster than Su Zhinian. She had been at Su Zhinian's side for years, and this was the first time Cheng Qingchong had seen Su Zhinian raise his hand toward a person, much less a woman.

Big Boss is famed for keeping his distance from female. Even during business meetings, he tries his best to be as far away from female contact as possible; however, now he is angry enough to physically assault Miss Tang. The only person who could incite this degree of anger in him is only Miss Song, so could this mean that there is conflict between Miss Tang and Miss Song?

At the final moment, these thoughts flashed across Su Zhinian's mind. She stopped moving. Staring at Su Zhinian's completely foreign back, she shouted in the nick of the moment, "CEO Su, you have to think about Miss Song!"

Miss Song These two words caused Su Zhinian's action to conspicuously slow.

He narrowed his eyes dangerously and slammed the wine bottle on the table. Then, he reached out to pull Tang Nuan up by her hair. Lowering his face, he stared into her eyes. In a voice that was audible only to the both of them, he hissed through his gritted teeth, word by word, "If anything really happens to Song Qingchun later, I swear you will not live to see the sun rise tomorrow!"