Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 566

Chapter 566: Tsundere Su (10)
Chapter 566: Tsundere Su (10)
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As if not expecting to see her in this state, his expression was one of shock as his brows creased deeply.

She was so familiar with this reaction from him. When she tripped on the running field during high school years, he would always react in this way before rushing over to pull her off the ground and carry her all the way to the nurse's office.

She would use the similar technique to hurt Song Qingchun when they were still a couple. She would pretend to hurt her ankle. Whenever he heard her yelp, his first reaction would to be frown and drop everything he was doing to rush to her side. Therefore, when Tang Nuan noticed this reaction on Qin Yinan, for a fleeting moment, she thought he would rush over like he used to, pull her into his embrace, and demand who did this to her angrily.

However, that only happened in Tang Nuan's mind. Qin Yinan stared at her silently for a few minutes until the door behind him opened again. Another person came out and asked in surprise, "Manager Qin, weren't you going to the bathroom?"

He lowered his gaze and turned around to smile politely at the person behind him. "Was in the middle of a call, going now."

Then, he left with that person. When CEO Huang berated her, Tang Nuan had only felt mildly indignant but not sad or aggrieved. However, when she saw Qin Yinan turn his back on her, she suddenly felt like she had been abandoned by the world, and her eyes started to redden immediately.

Since when did the man that would put her before anything else in the world learn to act like he had nothing to do with her, even when he saw her in a state where she needed his help the most?

Tang Nuan was dazed for quite some time. Holding her tears in, she climbed up the wall and slowly moved toward the bathroom.

Qin Yinan was already out of men's room. He was facing away from the door, standing before the sink. After he dried his hands, he picked up his phone, and it sounded like it was from his mother. "Mom I haven't had much to drink, don't worry. Don't stay up for me, go to sleep early. I still need to pay Song Song and Uncle Song a visit at the hospital later"

When Tang Nuan heard the name "Song Song", she slammed the door to the female's toilet heavily, causing the people inside to cast inquisitive and weird glances at her. Tang Nuan ignored them, as she collapsed to the floor, hugging her shoulders. She curled up into a fetal postion and started to cry.

Su Zhinian, who she loved the most in the world, had once again tried to kill her because of Song Qingchun. Before he left, he even threatened her darkly, "If anything really happens to Song Qingchun later, I swear you will not live to see the sun rise tomorrow!"

Qin Yinan, who treated her as the most precious treasure in the world, had become completely heartless toward her, also because of Song Qingchun.

Tang Nuan suddenly stopped crying because a thought flashed through her mind. How did Su Zhinian know I plan to ruin Song Qingchun tonight? That should be a secret between me and the male celebrity Or did Song Qingchun manage to call him for help?

Tang Nuan was confused for a moment before tears overwhelmed her once more.

The more her tears came, the sadder she felt. Her mind was filled with memories of how Qin Yinan would pamper and console her, and like a vicious cycle, it caused her tears to come even faster. She could not stop crying until a female voice came from above her.

"Miss Tang, are you alright?"