Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 569

Chapter 569: The Beauty who Caused the General's Fury (3)
Chapter 569: The Beauty who Caused the General's Fury (3)
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Song Qingchun took back her hand that was hanging in the air slowly. She stood where she was for two seconds before turning around to flash a perfect smile at the man, not revealing one trace of anger at the man's arrogance and smugness. "Mr. Yang, can we start our interview now?"

Just like before, the man ignored Song Qingchun completely as he reached out to ring the service bell. Then he picked up the menu, leaned back in the sofa, and started to read.

Song Qingchun was used to this kind of big-headedness from stars in the industry, so she smiled like nothing had happened as she walked to the sofa, found a spot not too far and not too close from Mr. Yang, and started preparing her notes and recorder for the interview. Mr. Yang ordered a bottle of wine and a fruit plate.

After those were served, Song Qingchun asked for the third time, "Mr. Yang, can we start now?"

This time Mr. Yang did respond to her. "No need to rush."

He sat up to grab the alcohol on the table and poured it in the two glasses set down by the waiter. He passed one to Song Qingchun and raised the other at her, saying, "Let's drink to relax first."

When she was in high school, Song Menghwa and Song Cheng had drilled it into her head not to drink with strangers, so all through the years, while Song Qingchun would occasionally drink, it was only during family functions.

She stared at the wine offered, and she replied with an apologetic smile, "I'm sorry, Mr. Yang, but I don't drink."

Mr. Yang raised his brow but did not force it on her. He tossed his head back to finish his glass in one gulp. Then, he poured himself another glass. Swirling the wine in his hand, he turned to look at Song Qingchun and said, "Shall we start?"

"Okay, Mr. Yang." Song Qingchun smiled thinly and reached out to start the recorder. However, before she could, Mr. Yang suddenly pulled the recorder away from her grasp. Song Qingchun turned to look at him with confusion. He twirled the recorder in his hand and took another sip of his wine before adding, "I don't like recording. If you have any questions, you can ask and record it with pen and paper."

Such a douche! Song Qingchun cursed internally but smiled with agreement. "Okay, Mr. Yang."

Biting the end of her pen, Song Qingchun lowered her head to look at the first question on her list and opened her lips to ask, "Mr. Yang, what is your opinion about the great popularity of the TV series you just shot?"

Mr. Yang tilted his head to the side to make a show that he was deep in thought and answered Song Qingchun's question seriously. Song Qingchun also started jotting down his answer.

When the wine bottle was half-finished, Song Qingchun was almost finished with the question list. Song Qingchun glanced at the last two questions and chose to start with the one that was more explosive. "Mr. Yang, we've discusses everything about your work, do you mind if I ask you something personal?"

After Mr. Yang nodded, Song Qingchun continued. "Some time ago, there was a rumor on the internet that stated you are getting married soon, is that true? Will you be getting married within this year?"