Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 57

Chapter 57: The Person Hiding In My Memory 7
Chapter 57: The Person Hiding in My Memory (7)
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At the time, she was young and did not have the complexity of thoughts she had now. It completely escaped her attention that while she had been negotiating with the ruffians, Tang Nuan had not said a word.

After she yelled for Tang Nuan to run, Tang Nuan took a step back before stopping. She had no clue, actually deep down in Tang Nuan's heart, she was looking out for herself first. She was glad when Song Qingchun intervened to protect her. She prayed desperately for Song Qingchun to do more than that and was secretly relieved when Song Qingchun yelled at her to run.

Tang Nuan gritted her teeth and took off.

Song Qingchun saw Tang Nuan escaping toward safety and sighed under her breath. At least one of them was safe. She was sure Tang Nuan was going to return with help.

In reality, it was Su Zhinian who arrived in the nick of time just as the ruffians moved in on her. At the time, she had known Su Zhinian for quite some time. She was familiar with his unflattering personality and knew that some of the people at school were even afraid of him. She found that curious because she hadn't noticed anything scary about Su Zhinian in the time she had known him. However, that night, her opinion changed, and she could understand why people feared him.

Even after so many years, when she closed her eyes, she could still see how crazily brutal Su Zhinian had been that night. It was as if he had lost his mind as he grabbed anything close to him and lobbed it at the group of ruffians.

The group of ruffians were normally not people to be trifled with, but for some reason, they cowered in fear against Su Zhinian's relentless assault. The event that night even attracted the police's attention because of Su Zhinian's ruthlessness; he broke the legs of two people and gave another a concussion.

Song Menghwa had used many of his connections and burned a lot of money to save Su Zhinian from a life of imprisonment. Of course, Song Qingchun's escapade to the bar was brought into the open following that. It was the first time she had been seriously lectured by her father and was grounded in her room for one whole day.

Until today, she had always thought it was Tang Nuan who had called Su Zhinian. After all, when she asked Su Zhinian, he did not deny it.

Regardless, she had saved Tang Nuan that night, but for some reason, Tang Nuan had started to distance herself after that night.

The real enmity between her and Tang Nuan started after the grade exam. As she wished, she got into the same university as Qin Yinan. According to the plan in her mind, she was going to confess to Qin Yinan, but before she could do that, Qin Yinan had confided in her that he had fallen in love with a girl.

That girl was Tang Nuan.

Yes, she was jealous, but she was not irrational enough to hate Tang Nuan simply because Qin Yinan liked her.

She hated Tang Nuan because Tang Nuan told her, even though she did not like Qin Yinan, she would not reject his pursuit. She was going to use Qin Yinan as her spare tire because she wanted to make Song Qingchun see how she was going to manipulate Qin Yinan within her grasp.

Right then, she realized Tang Nuan had despised her for a long time, and it was a hatred that was sown deep in her heart.

That day, she heard from Tang Nuan's mouth a similar sentence to the one she had said to her that morning. "How does it feel to have your stuff taken away from you?"

From then onward, they had been each other's nemesis. There was bound to be a catfight whenever they met.

Song Qingchun's mother was an anchor-woman, so her wish when she was young was to be like her mother, to be a beautiful and elegant anchor-woman.

She had no idea whether Tang Nuan shared the same dream or not, perhaps she did, but in any case, her ill-fated relationship with Tang Nuan started in school and continued until today as they joined the same company.