Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 571

Chapter 571: The Beauty who Caused the General's Fury (5)

Following a groan close to her ears, Song Qingchun felt the grasp Mr. Yang had on her wrist conspicuously weaken. Taking this opportunity, she raised both of her arms and shoved Mr. Yang off her.

Mr. Yang was so caught up nursing the pain on his head that he did not expect this sudden push from Song Qingchun. Thus, he tumbled off the sofa, and his back knocked into the edge of the marble table top. The shot of pain made him suck in a deep breath, and an expletive escaped from his lips.

Song Qingchun did not dare to waste any more time. The moment the man got off her, she climbed up from the sofa. She grabbed her purse beside her, turned around, and rushed to the door.

In her hurry to escape, she did not notice where her leg landed. Incidentally, her heels stepped on Mr. Yang leg and following the man's scream, Song Qingchun's staggered. Thankfully, she reached out just in mind to grab the edge of the table, preventing herself from falling to the floor.

Ignoring the pain on her ankle, she jumped over the man's legs and shuffled toward the door. However, she barely took two steps when the man reached out to grab her leg and pulled strongly, causing Song Qingchun to fall headfirst to the ground.

The heavy slam against the floor caused Song Qingchun to feel dazed in the head. She saw Mr. Yang getting up from the floor out of the corner of her eyes. Fearing that he might come after her once more, she dropped her bag and gritted her teeth as she used the side of the sofa to pull herself up.

The moment Song Qingchun stood up, someone pulled on her ankle. With a scream, she once more fell to the ground. Then, her whole body was dragged toward Mr. Yang, who was pulling on her ankle.

When Mr. Yang first saw Song Qingchun's picture, he had already been interested. That was why he had agreed to Tang Nuan's demand so easily. When he saw her in person, he had realized she was even more attractive than her picture. Therefore, he did not rush to lay the punishment on her but pretended patiently to do the interview with her.

He had toyed with many women in his life and had used many despicable tactics, but most women surrendered themselves to him willingly due to his status and looks. As he got more alcohol in him, his bodily desire became more uninhibited. He moved physically toward her, trying to get a feel from her.

Who would have thought this soft-looking woman would be so stubborn internally and would hurt him physically?

Mr. Yang swiped what he thought was sweat that was trickling down his forehead. When he saw it was blood, his eyes turned vicious. He turned Song Qingchun harshly around so that she would be facing him. He started tearing through her clothes, and he leaned down to bite and kiss her fair skin.

Following the sound of tearing, Song Qingchun felt the chilling air touch her chest. She hurriedly moved her arms to shield the front of her chest and instinctually reached out to slap the man's face.